TBAR LED Smartlight illuminates the Town Hall of Calenzano, Florence, Italy

Dec. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Dec 2011 Calenzano, a charming town located within the province of the renowned Italian Renaissance city, Florence has been undergoing construction for its new town hall, library and university. This past summer, 2011, the first of the buildings came to completion. The Town hall construction was finalized with new lighting to illuminate the 4 floors of office space and, most importantly, the public offices housing the county clerks. "The idea for our new structures was to have a modern design that would use new advanced technology. Someplace where art and sustainability come together at their best," explains Alessio Biagioli, Mayor of the city. "Even when we were choosing the lighting for our new buildings, we maintained the same philosophy. The T-BAR LED Smartlight was the perfect choice for transmitting this idea to our citizens, which is why we chose to install this product in our main offices that are open to the public." Working with the project managers and JLC-TECH LLC technicians, it was decided that the 2ft. T-BAR LED Smartlight™ would be used in the drop ceilings of the main building entrance leading to the county clerk’s office as well as in the drop ceiling of the 2nd floor offices, where building permit applications are filed. The 2ft. T-BAR LED Smartlight™ hooks into the grid system of the drop ceiling, replacing a normal 2ft cross T-BAR. The effect is that the LED lighting itself comes from between the tiles of the grid ceiling instead of replacing one of the tiles. In total, the T-BAR LED Smartlight™ illuminates 210 sq. meters or 2,160 sq. feet. of public space. Each of the seventy five 2ft. T-BAR LEDs were inserted strategically, at an average of one fixture for every 2.3 sq. meters or 24 sq. feet. This provided an average of 33fc at desk level, fulfilling the requirement set by the project manager. As the design of the fixture is very linear, it has the gained effect of disappearing into the ceiling when the lights are off or blending into the ceiling when the lights are on. Architect Antonietta Perretta, project manager for the town hall explains, "The winning aspect of this light fixture has been what I call the superise effect. That is when the lights are off the fixtures are hardly noticed and become an integrated part of the ceiling tiles. Yet when the fixtures are on, they become a positive addition to ceiling decor.” Antonietta continues to say, "We are pleased that every day we get comments from our citizens as well as visiting technicians about how innovative the lighting is in our public offices.”The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ uses high power Cree XP-G LEDs in a fixture that is only 50mm/2in. high and 25mm/1in. wide, weighing less than 0.5kg/1.lb for the 2ft. version. This minimalistic, streamline design is offered in either 60cm/2ft. or 120cm/4ft. fixture that can be easily installed into the grid system of any drop ceiling. The specially designed and patent pending heat sink system allows for the LED to reach their maximum performance of 50,000 hours, giving off an even light quality of 82 CRI (Color Rendering Index). The T-BAR LED runs on 24V-DC, absorbs only 17w and is powered by a remote control box that can supply power for up to 5 of the 2ft. fixtures. The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ is the perfect fixture for those who are looking for something to make their drop ceilings look modern and renewed as well as give the owner the benefit of modern energy efficient technology. To learn more about T-BAR LED Smartlight™, visit our website at www.tbarledsmartlight.com or join our mailing list by contacting [email protected] About JLC-Tech LLC: Bright ideas! JLC-Tech is a young organization born in the year 2009 with the objective to develop new ideas and innovative products to be then introduced into the industrial market for which they were designed. JLC-Tech is specialized in LED Lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications. The founder of JLC-Tech carries almost 20 years of experience in the lighting sector with both national and international expertise. Customer first! People at JLC-Tech are dedicated to offer the best possible service. Our vendors are all selected among the most reliable and have all operated in the lighting sector for many years. Our logistical platform can manage small or large orders taking the promised delivery date as a commitment. Made locally! JLC-Tech LLC is committed to bringing back jobs into the country where the products are sold. By using a sophisticated logistic platform our products can be made locally in the global area where they find their market.

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