Light Measurement System from J & C Technology

Dec. 2, 2011
Date Announced: 02 Dec 2011 Who knows LED light in real operation condition better? Those who own the Light Measurement System (LMS) made by J & C Technology. It is well known that the optical characteristic of LED varies with the temperature surrounding it. Therefore, it is very important to know what is happening of LED light at the specific operation condition. The benefit of knowing it is to improve the performance of the LED light. How this is achieved? Let J & C help you.Light Measurement System produced by J & C Technology is designed to measure opto-electrical characteristics of light sources at various driving conditions and operating temperatures. It consists of an integrating sphere, power supply, spectrometer, and especially the patented temperature control unit. The temperature control unit in LMS can control and monitor the temperature inside the integrating sphere from 25 to 85 degree C. That is to simulate a temperature environment that the LED light will be. This is totally different from other measurement systems whose temperature control is attached to the bottom of the LED light. In that case, the temperature surrounding the LED light is unknown. This system also comes with a powerful control software which user can set different measurement conditions and let the system do the measurement automatically. Therefore, the information provided by LMS includes optical property vs. electrical property, optical property vs. ambient temperature, and optical property vs. driving condition and so on.Besides the features mentioned above, this system can be customized according to the user's requirement. The available size of the intergrading sphere is 20”, 40”, 60”, 80”.

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