ProQuip installs solar LED lights at soccer venue

Dec. 22, 2011
Date Announced: 22 Dec 2011 Brantford, Ontario – ProQuip International announces their participation in the completion of the new 110,000 square-foot BMO Centre indoor soccer and sports facility, owned and operated by London Optimists Sports Centre (LOSC), which had its official opening October 21, 2011 in London, Ontario. ProQuip engineered and installed 5 of their MaxSUN™ solar LED lighting systems to safely illuminate the drive and pathway leading to the front entrance of the facility.The 5 LED lights are powered off-grid by solar panels and batteries, all mounted on 30 foot steel poles set on concrete tube foundations. Being solar powered, the lights are cost effective in terms of no energy costs, no trenching or cabling and minimal maintenance costs. The batteries being recharged by the solar panels can be expected to last up to seven years.The MaxSUN™ system's programmable Charge and Light Controller automatically manages the operation of the LED lights based on the time of day and amount of sunlight available to the solar panels. As dusk approaches, the Controller will turn on the lights at full brightness for 7 hours. After 7 hours, the lights are dimmed to 30% brightness, which helps preserve battery power during a period of little to no pedestrian traffic, and are then turned back on for one and a half hours before dawn, at which time the lights go out and the batteries recharge. This cycling of the lights is particularly useful during the winter months when it is dark in the early morning hours and pedestrian traffic is expected.When asked why solar LED lighting was selected over the more traditional street lighting options, Construction Project Manager Jack Baribeau responded "We wanted people to enter the site and view the solar street lights as they come in and leave the facility as a statement to the public of the state of the art technology that was used throughout the facility. The LED component was chosen for the maintenance free and long life qualities of the technology." He added that, from a quality of illumination point "It looks great and provides the light levels where needed to provide safe entry into the facility"."ProQuip International is very proud and excited about this opportunity to partner with a community focused organization such as the Optimists and help them express and demonstrate their concerns for a green, sustainable energy future" said Sam Tavernese, President of ProQuip International. "We now have five shining beacons further attesting to the viability of PQI's Canadian designed and manufactured solar LED technology right in front of a prestigious sports facility that is garnering international acclaim" he added.The opportunity to install the solar LED lighting systems came as a result of LOSC's search for a rooftop solar PV energy provider. "We asked for solar proposals from a number of companies specific to a roof top installation. We felt the package provided by PQI was very well done, complete with details and the draft contract provided was very fair and presented both party's perspectives. There was an added comfort level in our dealings with them because of this" Baribeau stated. In also choosing PQI for a solar LED lighting solution for the entrance, he said that "The (Green) branding, environmental statement and cost efficiencies were all considerations."About ProQuip InternationalProQuip International is a leading provider of solar PV products and systems, and a designer, manufacturer and installer of solar LED lighting systems. The company has worked in the LED lighting industry, designing and manufacturing LED lights since the company's inception in 1996 and has over six years experience in solar LED lighting technologies. This latter experience prompted the development of MaxSUN©, a solar LED lighting system that solves the problems associated with earlier generations of the technology especially in northern climates.As members of the Ontario solar energy industry, ProQuip is helping to build awareness of clean, renewable solar power technologies available to consumers, businesses and institutions and helping to build Green Communities.About the BMO/London Optimist Sports CentreThe London Optimist Sports Centre (LOSC) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization that was established in October 2004 and which serves the recreational needs of thousands of children and adults in the region. LOSC owns and operates the premier, state-of-the-art soccer and sports facility in London, the new 110,000 square-foot BMO Centre. This will be one of the largest, primarily soccer based, sports centres in Canada.

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