PAS-NGL LED tubes run at -40°C in industrial deep fryers

Dec. 8, 2011
Date Announced: 08 Dec 2011 PAS-NGL LED T8 tubes were installed 9 months ago in an industrial cold storage room which operates at -40°C. The tubes are switched on/off with a door contact. The PAS-NGL led tubes start to burn at full power immediately when door opens. The company "Partner Logistics Van Soest" also installed PAS-NGL T8 Led tubes in their cold storage rooms working at -20°C too."We are very pleased with the light output and energy savings. Previous Fluor TL tubes were lit 24/24 as they didn't start easily in this cold environment. Old Fluor tubes consumed over 2400W a day, now they only burn when door is opened and consume only energy when someone is in the room. Energy savings of +-95% is realised here and with much more light inside. Maintenance technicians are very happy that they do not need to replace every year the classic fluor tubes. Replacing tubes in cold storage is not an easy job.

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