P2 joins Northwest Trade Ally Network

Dec. 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Dec 2011 Precision Paragon is now a proud member of the Northwest Trade Ally Network. “The Northwest Trade Ally Network makes us aware of all the utility incentives available to our customers. Now, before we submit a proposal, the network will review it and make suggestions to help us increase savings for our customers,” says Forrest Hillyer, [P2]’s Northwest Regional Sales Manager.The Northwest Trade Ally Network keeps its members informed about regional utility incentive programs – the network partners with over 80 utility companies to offer incentives on energy-efficient lighting projects. The network also provides the latest news on energy-efficient lighting technologies and offers training workshops in different Northwestern cities each month.“We act as a resource for contractors, distributors and manufacturers, helping them facilitate lighting projects and get as much savings as possible for their customers,” says Andy Gerde, a Northwest Trade Ally Network representative.To ensure all trade allies are reliable, qualified partners, the Northwest Trade Ally Network checks references for each company applying to become a trade ally. Companies must provide at least three energy efficiency lighting projects where substantial energy savings has been achieved.

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