AxiomLED introduces replacement lamps for CIVETS emerging nations

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AxiomLED has introduced a range of high performance, energy efficient, long lifetime, LED lighting products for emerging countries like Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa (CIVETS).

T8 LED Tubes Retrofit Light Fittings in Factories and Grocery Stores

AxiomLED’s line of fluorescent replacement T8 LED lamps are a low cost, high performance, energy efficient answer to lighting retrofits for T12 and T8 fluorescent fixtures.

AxiomLED uses only Nichia LED components in its products. The LED lighting retrofit products are designed to work in any nation that uses 230 VAC fluorescent wire-wound magnetic ballasts. The 18W T8 tubes are available in 900 mm and 1200 mm versions.

LED Retrofit Kits for High-Bay Metal Halide and Parking Lot Lighting

The high-bay metal-halide retrofit system that does not require replacement of light fitting or fixtures. The retrofit kit is compatible with metal halide ballasts and inductors. The high-bay LED products are designed to replace 250W and 400W metal halide and Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) lamps.

PAR 30 LED Bulbs for General Lighting

• Consumes 9W
• Produces 1000 lm
• CRI of 80 or higher
• 230 VAC input, dimmable
• Comparable performance to 75W incandescent
• Lifetime of 50,000 hr
• Uses Nichia warm white (2700K) LED
• Manufactured in Indonesia

The AxiomLED AP9W27V230-30 lamp is designed to meet indoor and outdoor applications. The lamp will fit any 230 VAC socket and can fit light fixtures designed to accomodate PAR 30 light bulbs. The product uses Nichia of Japan LM80 tested LEDs.

MR16 Glass LED Light Bulbs for Track Lighting or Landscape Lighting

• Consume 3.5W
• Produce 400 lm
• CRI of 80 or higher
• Comparable performance to 35W halogen
• Lifetime of 30,000 hr
• Uses Nichia warm-white (2700K) LED
• Manufactured in Taiwan

The AxiomLED AM03L27 lamp is designed to meet indoor and outdoor applications. The lamp is designed to fit any MR16 (GX5.3) 12 VAC socket. The product uses Nichia of Japan LM80 tested LEDs.




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