DALI Power releases LED lamp driver with conversion efficiency of 96%

Dec. 30, 2011
Date Announced: 30 Dec 2011 At the present market, normally the efficiency of the LED lamp can reach 90%; regardless of whether they are used in which a leading international supplier of LED driver solutions or distributor proposal. If you tell people that the efficiency of LED lamp can reach up to 96%, almost everyone will ask “do you mean the DC-DC conversion efficiency”? However, the 96% efficiency really appears!!! The application comes from a Chinese supplier of LED drivers- Shenzhen Dali Power Limited; the company uses its unique modular structure of the LED technology to achieve this miracle.Moreover, the Technical Director of Dali Power Limited Mr. Rao has pointed out, "it is the 18W LED tube’s power supply, which used this technology, not only the cost can be reduced within US $2, but also the power factor can reach up to 97%." Then, how does the LED power supply module structure do it? Mr. Rao said that our core concept was to put the traditional LED power supply’s transformer, IC, LED constant current circuit package together with the protection, according to the established application requirements to minimize BOM cost and develop the utmost efficiency. This structure actually put the AC-DC rectification into Dali Power LED tube lamp special module. Make LED power supply to be one different application module. Simplify and use many combinations to reduce voltage differences between input and output. So that we no longer need to use low efficiency, high cost and much heat, large size transformers. We can realize module design ideas and concepts! Today the traditional LED lamp energy conversion efficiency is mainly determined by the following two parts. They are AC-DC conversion efficiency and constant current DC-DC efficiency. Although the single conversion of these two parts can exceed over 90%, but the efficiency of the two parts together is difficult to over 90%. LED power supply modular architecture technology effectively eliminates some of AC-DC conversion circuit, so the efficiency can be increased dramatically.Dali Power Limited has developed two models DALI-BHH to optimized LED light source, they are of high-performance, high power factor, LED driver modular architecture, it is with green protection power factor adjustment, input and output capacitors and transformer are at high frequency. The overall system life is extended greatly. Customers do not need to consider transmission and radiation (EMI) when they design the tubes. the overall structure of the external system is very simple, which makes any LED lamp application developer can quickly introduce new products.Mr.Rao said that "After two years and a lot of testing and certification, we have now officially released the ALI-BHH series LED lamp with LED modules, customers can choose non dimmable LED power supply with capacitors, or dimmable one without capacitors; Currently we can provide 6-20W LED tube module, and the price is very competitive. "LED tubes sales are increasing now, this part of LED lighting market increased rapidly recently; Mr. Rao has pointed out that if one LED lighting manufacturer can not increase sales in the next two years, it will basically be eliminated. Therefore, in 2010, many CFL energy saving lamps manufacturers are still waiting to see the LED markets, but by 2011, almost all the CFLS manufacturers are doing business in LED markets. If they do not get into the LED markets at this time, there will be no chances after two years. For more information DALI power, please visit http://www.daliled.com

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