IMS price tracker for LED lamps shows China's LED lamp prices tumble in November

Dec. 8, 2011
Date Announced: 08 Dec 2011 Austin, Texas – IMS Research has updated its Global Monthly LED Lamp Retail Price Tracker to cover 12 countries, 27 retailers and over 480 LED lamps. According to the latest analysis from IMS Research, the global average retail price for LED lamps has steadily decreased on a monthly basis from $30 in September to $28 in November. By highlighting regional differences, IMS Research is able to show how the global retail LED lamp market is evolving across the globe:China - The biggest decline in LED lamp prices was seen in the Chinese market, where the average price fell 62% from $30 to $11. The price of 60W replacement A19 lamps fell 38%, while the price of 20W MR 16 replacement lamps fell 52%. It appears that Chinese manufacturers have also been pushing to increase the efficiency of their lamps, with Lumens/Watt increasing 24% from September to November. United States - November is the first month that Samsung lamps have been sold in Lowe’s home improvement stores. The company has seven new PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) and MR (Multifaceted Reflector) replacement lamps available and one 50W incandescent replacement. It appears that Samsung is delaying the introduction of its other incandescent replacement lamps available in other countries. Japan – November was the first month that a 40W incandescent replacement lamp has been priced under 1000 Yen ($13). The average price of 40W replacement lamps in Japan is still over $30. South Korea – Of the 31 incandescent replacement lamps tracked in South Korea, 26 were mislabeled with regards to their wattage replacement. The average luminous output of LED lamps labeled as 60W replacements was 505 lumens, almost 200 lumens below the threshold used by IMS Research for a 60W replacement. World – Of the over 480 LED lamps tracked by IMS Research in 12 countries, only 32 (7%) were for 60 and 75W replacements, with no 100W replacement lamps (using IMS Research metrics) on the market. Achieving omnidirectional light distribution while keeping costs low, generating enough lumens and dealing with heat dissipation are the biggest constraints for lamp manufacturers to penetrate mainstream applications.For more information on the lamp and luminaire market, please visit About IMS ResearchIMS Research is a leading independent supplier of market research and consultancy to the global electronics industry, offering syndicated market studies, custom research and consultancy services. Clients include most of the household names in the industry. IMS Research has offices in Europe, the US, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. To find out more, contact IMS Research: [email protected]; T (512) 302-1977;

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