LEDnovation broadens EnhanceLite A19 LED offerings

Dec. 9, 2011
Date Announced: 09 Dec 2011 LEDnovation, a preeminent developer of LED lighting and replacement lamp technology, today introduced 75 and 100 watt comparable versions of its EnhanceLite® A19 Generation 2 lamps. The latest in the popular series of dimmable A19 lamps, the LEDH-A19-75-1-27D-I and LEDH-A19-100-1-27D-I offer 810 lumen and 1013 lumen output, respectively, at a warm 2700K color temperature, delivering “on-target” light levels equivalent to incandescent bulbs in standard downlight applications.Israel J. Morejon, CEO of LEDnovation announced, “Due to new Government-mandated efficiency standards looming for 100 watt bulbs followed by 75 watt bulbs, high-quality LED replacement lamps are needed immediately to meet the newly created demand for more efficient lamps. LEDnovation has leveraged its LED technology, power management expertise, thermal competence and color mixing technology to create these replacement lamps for downlight purposes.”The EnhanceLite® 75 watt & 100 watt comparable A19 Generation-2 lamps add to the 40 watt & 60 watt versions already in production from LEDnovation. The Tampa, Florida based company continues to position itself as a strong proponent of replacement lamps designed for specific applications, rather than simply mimicking the characteristics of incandescent lamps for so many applications that they serve poorly. By capitalizing on proprietary technology, including Recycled Reflectance®, LEDnovation has designed lamps that deliver more lumens-on-target and achieve it in an aesthetically pleasing package.Specifications for A19 Generation 2 Product Line:- 2700K warm white with CRI greater than 93- Dimmable to 10% on most dimmers- Strong deep-red rendering- Power factor greater than 0.9- Optimized design for downlight applications and recessed fixturesMr. Morejon continued, “We believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. LEDnovation continues to push the technology envelope by achieving lamp efficacies well in excess of 100 lumens/watt. These new lamps are the capstone of our A19 Generation 2 series and serve all markets seeking the highest efficiency and maximum energy savings solutions.”All LEDnovation lamp models are tested for photometric performance in accredited third-party labs according to IES LM-79 requirements, with reports available online. All lamps meet UL 1993 safety standard. These commercial grade models are rated for a 50,000-hour lifetime and carry an industry-leading 5-year warranty. The EnhanceLite™ LEDH-A19-75-1-27D-I and LEDH-A19-100-1-27D-I begin production in late-December 2011.About LEDnovation - Change without compromiseOffering a full spectrum of LED replacement bulbs, LEDnovation is leading innovation in the field of solid state lighting. Solid state, or LED lighting generates light from complex semiconductor materials, eliminating much of the wasted energy that has been inherent to electric light-generation for over a century. By combining multi-disciplinary strengths in electronic systems, power supplies, thermal and optics design, LEDnovation has succeeded in developing one of the highest efficacy warm white LED replacement A19 lamps available, offering a winning business case and rapid return on investment to commercial clients and property operators. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and designs and manufactures its products in North America.For more information, visit http://www.LEDnovation.com

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