LEDiL announces availability of LENA series AR111 reflectors for Cree CXA2011 LEDs

June 23, 2011
Date Announced: 23 Jun 2011 LEDiL’s precision-molded AR111 (111mm diameter) LENA reflector series allows for rapid deployment of new lighting solutions using lighting-class LEDs. Lighting designers now have a more reliable, low-cost choice than traditional drawn or spun metallic reflectors.Molded from durable polycarbonate plastic resin, the optimal optical geometric design achieved in the design process is reproduced in the molding process. The reflectors, currently available in +/-5 degree and +/- 20.5 degree FWHM (full width half modulation) beam patterns, are finished in an aluminum coating with a protective lacquer finish and provide greater than 90% optical efficiency. The two-piece design includes an adapter base that is easily fastened to the PCB and a unique bayonet-style locking system for quick attachment of the reflector cup to the adapter, making LENA simpler to mount than traditional metallic reflectors. A secondary sub-lens is available when a smooth, diffused beam pattern is desired.Lighting designers are rapidly developing LED-based solutions that take advantage of the up-to 80% reduction in power afforded by solid-state technology and the long-life span of LEDs. LEDiL’s LENA reflectors allow immediate deployment – with no tooling investment – of LED-based fixtures to replace traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs in applications where directed light is favored, such as in spotlights in retail displays, meeting rooms, or in restaurants and bars. LENA reflectors are also ideal for use in museums and galleries as there are no damaging UV rays or heat in the beam.ABOUT LEDiL OyThe only true specialist in the field of secondary optics for high-power and lighting-class LEDs, LEDiL has been producing precision-engineered optics and reflectors since 2002 and now boasts nearly 1000 standard products optimized for use with LEDs produced by the world’s prominent LED manufacturers. Custom solutions are also commonly developed with minimal end-user tooling investment required. With production in Finland and China and a global network of authorized distributors, LEDiL’s products are market-competitive and readily available. For more information, including a high-resolution photograph, contact: Robert Derringer at [email protected].

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