Urban Solar Corporation receives solar bus shelter lighting contract renewal

June 20, 2011
Date Announced: 20 Jun 2011 Phoenix, AZ - Urban Solar Corporation (USC), a leading manufacturer of solar powered light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that the City of Tempe, Arizona, has renewed their contract for solar LED bus shelter lighting. The contract renewal is for one year with an option for further renewal. Coupling powerful LED technology and intuitive power management with environmentally friendly solar power, USC’s, PV-Shelters and PV-Stop provide economical and practical solutions for transit lighting applications.With nearly 8 million passengers each year, the City of Tempe’s transit service, Tempe in Motion (TIM), accommodates the city’s population of nearly 185,000 residents and the Arizona State University’s main campus. The City of Tempe selected Urban Solar’s PV-Shelter series solar systems as a high output LED lighting solution that integrates a low-profile and has vandal-resistant attributes."TIM's contract award to Urban Solar in 2009 and subsequent contract renewal order is a strong statement in support of our bus shelter solar lighting systems," states Jeff Peters, President, Urban Solar Corporation. "With sustainable technologies and environmentally designed bus facilities, the City of Tempe has long been known as a leader in the transit industry for their use with renewable energy to achieve bus stop safety. USC’s solar design team responded to TIM's transit officials request for a fully integrated, aesthetic solar lighting requirement with a PV-Shelters series custom solution. Combining bright white LED technology with our Energy Control Module (ECM), USC’s PV-Shelter light levels exceeded the minimum by more than ten times the specified light level. The result is a safer, more welcoming bus shelter that will help to increase passenger safety and comfort while reducing the City of Tempe’s carbon footprint."About the City of TempeTempe in Motion (TIM) provides bus, bicycle, pedestrian and light rail facilities and encourages getting around Tempe in anything but a car. TIM’s goal is to provide a balanced transportation system that is environmentally sustainable, accessible, preserves neighborhoods, promotes transit-oriented development and involves citizens in the process.For more information visit tempe.gov/timAbout Urban Solar CorporationUrban Solar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of solar-powered LED lighting solutions for the public transit industry. Urban Solar’s PV-Shelter and PV-Stop product offerings exceed industry requirements for a clean, safe environment within bus stops, shelters and street furniture. With over thirty years of design and installation experience, Urban Solar delivers the highest level of solar powered LED illumination in an integrated, reliable, customer focused design.For more information about Urban Solar's unique solar-powered LED transit bus shelter and bus stop lighting solutions, please visit urbansolarcorp.com and solarlightingfortransit.com

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