Green Star LED awarded 25,000-street-light conversion project in San Antonio

June 23, 2011
Date Announced: 23 Jun 2011 Green Star LED, a Boerne, Texas-based company that designs, manufactures, and sells LED lighting fixtures for the outdoor/roadway and indoor/warehouse niche markets, has been awarded one of the largest LED street light conversion projects to date. The city's utility company CPS Energy has committed to replacing a first phase of 25,000 lights in the next 12 months, likely to be followed by the remaining 55,000 that make up the city's grid. Such project has an investment payback of under three years and not only a very positive environmental impact, but also an economic one in terms of job generation and technology development. This deal comes along as part of the San Antonio 2020 Vision, where the city is providing incentives to the private sector so it can become cleaner, more environmentally friendly, create skilled jobs, and improve local education. Along these lines, Green Star LED will be moving its headquarters and U.S. manufacturing facility to San Antonio and devote $10 for every street light manufactured there, to a locally-focused education fund. This relatively unknown firm, now partner in CPS Energy's “new energy economy”, happens to be truly international. GreenStar dates to a meeting in Milan, Italy, in July 2009 where the founders met and joined forces to develop a truly superior product. It just closed a second investment round, and money has now come from both local as well as foreign investors. Its markets are also as diverse, having divided the world into four regions — the United States/Canada, Latin America, India and Europe — and currently selling to nearly every corner of the globe. Manufacturing now takes place both in Texas as well as India. Its continuous R&D effort not only works to improve reliability and reduce costs, but also on increasing the offering to include other product lines and advanced capabilities such as communications for remote measurement, dimming, and other uses. Its managers are every bit as enthusiastic as they should, having recently earned the CPS Energy contract, as well as other mid-size project bids in Latin America and India. “The whole world of lighting will have to change,” CFO Gabriel Senior says. “LEDs will become mainstream.” And as its VP of Sales and Marketing, Rod Gray mentions upon the company betting on a real lighting revolution: “Goodbye, Thomas Edison.. Hello, LED”.

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