eldoLED 100W LED drivers ENEC certified

June 20, 2011
Date Announced: 20 Jun 2011 The eldoLED SOLOdrive, DUALdrive, POWERdrive and LINEARdrive AC now carry the ENEC and VDE marks. Having these logos considerably facilitates luminaire certification for the European market - truly enabling customers to take advantage of beautiful dimming, high efficiencies and leveraging the advanced feature set.The SOLOdrive, DUALdrive, POWERdrive and LINEARdrive• excel in smooth, flicker-free and deep (0.1%) LED dimming• support worldwide accepted dimming protocols: 0-10V, DALI, switch-dim, DMX/RDM• have been designed to be compatible with all major brands' dimmers• feature light output calibration and configuration through the LEDcode interface for a wealth of advanced featuresThe POWERdrive and LINEARdrive AC feature a user-friendly configuration menu, directly accessible on the driver itself, allowing you to change the LED output currents for each output separately, set a logarithmic or linear dimming curve, to customize the driver's mode of operation, and more.More information on the separate products can be found on their respective product pages.

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