FZT-1100 and FZT-1200 series of CPU coolers from FZTech

June 28, 2011
Date Announced: 28 Jun 2011 Taipei, Taiwan – FZTech, the Taiwan-based thermal and metal products manufacturer, is pleased to announce the addition of the FZT-1100 and the FZT-1200 CPU cooler series to their line-up of CPU coolers compatible with the INTEL® LGA1156 socket type. FZT-1100 CPU coolers are available with a one ball one sleeve (1B1S) fan or a sleeve bearing fan (denoted in the model name by S). Furthermore, users can choose for their CPU cooler to come with pulse-width modulation (denoted in the model name by PWM) in order to optimize cooling with fan speed changing automatically, based on CPU loading activity. FZTech's FZT-1200 series of CPU coolers have all of the above options with the additional option to add a copper insert (denoted in the model name by CU) to increase thermal efficiency. No matter what a user's CPU cooling needs are, FZTech's FZT-1100 and FZT-1200 series of CPU coolers have numerous options in order to provide each situation with the cooling necessary to protect and optimize CPU performance.The FZT-1100 series of CPU coolers are 95 x 95 x 50mm in size and 323 grams in weight. Fan speed (RPM) is 2400 (±10%) with airflow (CFM) of 45.1 (±10%) and noise (dBA) of 33 in the standard model. In the PWM enabled model, fan speed (RPM) operates within a range of 800 (±300) to 3000 (±10%) with maximum airflow (CFM) of 55.2 (±10%) and a noise (dBA) range of 14-39.For users who wish to increase cooling, the FZT-1200 series is the answer. With dimensions standing at 95 x 95 x 62 mm and weighing in at 386 grams, the increased heat sink surface area of the FZT-1200 models improves cooling by about 20%, as compared to FZT-1100 series coolers. When users opt for FZT-1200 models with copper inserts (CU), the weight increases to 440 grams. Fan speed, airflow, and noise ranges of FZT-1200 models are identical to FZT-1100 models.All of the fans used in FZT-1100 and FZT-1200 CPU coolers have a rated voltage of 12 volts. Furthermore, all of these models' interface materials are made of a high efficiency thermal compound.FZTech's FZT-1100 and FZT-1200 series of CPU coolers are compatible with the following CPUs:* I5-670, I5-660, I5-650, I3-540, I3-530 (73W)* I5-750S, I7-860S (82W)* I5-661 (87W)* I5-750, I7-870, I7-860 (95W).FZT-1100 and FZT-1200 model names are as follows:* FZT-1100 / (S)* FZT-1100 PWM / (S)* FZT-1200 / (S)* FZT-1200 PWM / (S)* FZT-1200 CU / (S)* FZT-1200 CU PWM / (S)Product photos and specifications are available at: http://www.fztech.com.tw/products/products_intel.htmlAbout FZTech, Inc.As a creator and supplier of cutting edge, high-quality, reasonably priced, thermal and metal products for use in PC, LED, and consumer electronics product applications, FZTech offers total metal and thermal solutions and provides OEM services to various industry leading companies, including Advantech, Advansus, Avalue and Tranquil PC. For more information visit FZTech online at www.fztech.com.tw.

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