Foiled aluminum for printed circuit board production

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Recently NEON-EK stock has been supplied with foiled aluminum from Politronics Technology Corporation. It is used for printed circuit board production. The insulator is made of unique polymer composite, which combines an epoxy resin and high thermal conductivity filler. The thermal conductivity of such material is about 20 times higher than conventional epoxy system filled with glass fiber. We can offer you foiled aluminum with the following thermal conductivity:

2W/mk size 510x610mm, dielectric 100um, AL: 1.5mm, Cu: 1oz about 23.15 euros (VAT is not included).
4W/mk size 510x610mm, dielectric 100um, AL: 1.5mm, Cu: 1oz about 32.16 euros (VAT is not included).

LED clusters and strips, current converters, engines, power supply, welding equipment are recommended application for printed circuit boards with aluminum base.

Shipment from Bulgaria (Varna).

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