E-Lite 30W-200W full-range LED bay light is now ETL certified

June 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Jun 2011 Shenzhen & Chengdu, China - E-Lite OptoTech Co., Ltd., officially announces that its full range of UltraBrite™ series LED bay light, 30W-200W, with lumen output from 2400lm to 15000lm, has completed all tests and is now ETL certified for both US and Canada market. The ETL control number for all E-Lite certified product is 4001117.“We are excited at receiving ETL certification for our full range LED bay light fixture”, said the company’s CEO, Bennie Yee, “Since the introduction of this product range, we have been receiving very warm compliments from the market, many of our clients name them the best LED bay light product they have ever seen from China. The ETL certificate is our further move to support our partners sales in various countries and areas, which will ultimately benefit the end customers as they could secure the government incentives and rebates by utilizing ETL certified LED lighting product in various applications.”The UltraBrite™ series LED high bay product represents the market’s highest LED industrial lighting quality level, and features the company’s proprietary designs that deliver highest lux, superior light quality and longevity for measurable energy reduction and cost savings as compared with traditional industrial light.E-Lite UltraBrite™ series LED High Bay Fixtures Product Features:- Ultra high lux output: 12000lm at 130W/150W LED power consumption/total light power and 15000lm at 170W/200W LED power consumption/total light power- Ideal replacement of 400W and 700W conventional HID lamps, saving more than 60% energy.- Unique heat sink design ensures superior heat management.- Universal solution to all high-ceiling applications: warehouse, production workshop, repair/maintenance workshop, airport hall/lounge, sports stadium, highway toll entrance, petrol station, railway/harbor lounge, shopping center, etc.- Environmental friendly. Lead and mercury free.- Long operation life time, above 50,000 hours. Low maintenance costs.- Voltage input 110-240VAC or 110-277VAC, 50/60Hz at choice.- Instant ON/OFF operation, no more waiting for warm up.- Superior color rendition compared to conventional industrial luminaire.- Selectable color temperature- Patented unique multi-chip integration design ensures high light purity, high heat conduction and slow brightness derating.- Resistant to shock and vibration.About E-Lite OptoTech Co., LtdE-Lite is a China-based solid-state lighting company specializing in high quality, ultra-bright LED lighting product for commercial and industrial applications. As a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology, the company has extensive technical expertise in optical design, thermal management, materials compatibility and automated manufacturing processes. All E-Lite’s LED lighting products are CE and RoHS compliant. The UltraBrite™ series bay light fixture is ETL certified.E-Lite is committed to building up distribution network with regional distributor partners, we ask for understanding from end users for not servicing you directly.

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