80W-140W LED tunnel light DR-SD450 released by Derun Lighting

June 13, 2011
Date Announced: 13 Jun 2011 80W-140W LED Tunnel Light DR-SD450 released by Derun Lighting on 13th June, 2011.DR-SD450 uses two high power leds (40W-70W) as light sources. The luminous flux is 90-100lm/W. It saves 50%-80% electricity cost comparing to traditional tunnel lights. No UV, IR, lead or mercury.Product Details:Item no.: DR-SD570Work Voltage: AC(85-265V)/50-60HZPower : 2*40W, 2*50W, 2*60W, 2*70WPower Factor (PF): >0.95LED Efficiency: 90-100lm/WLumens: 7200-8000Lm(2*40W) 9000-10000Lm(2*50W) 10800-12000Lm(2*60W) 12600-14000Lm(2*70W)Fixture Efficiency: >95%Color Temperature(CCT): 2700-7000KLED Life: >50000HrsNote: All of our LED Tunnel Light Drivers are CE, ROHS & UL Certified. Warranty: 3 years.Materials1. High-purity aluminium reflector 2. High-purity aluminium light housing and heat sink3. High intensity tempered glass4. High powerful LED light source5. High efficiency LED driver Main Applications1. Tunnels2. Underground passages3. Railways4. Underground parking places

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