BetaLED luminaires hit a homerun for Joe Morgan Honda Dealership

June 21, 2011
Date Announced: 21 Jun 2011 The newly constructed Joe Morgan Honda automobile dealership opened its doors in Monroe, Ohio, about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati. Baseball Hall of Fame member and former Cincinnati Reds second baseman Joe Morgan is a majority owner in the business.Joe Morgan Honda sits on 4.75 acres, has a 350-car inventory and a 30,000 square-foot showroom and service area. At first they considered traditional specification-grade HID luminaires but after seeing the THE EDGE® product from BetaLED®, learning about the energy savings – 60 percent over traditional technology, the delivered enhanced color quality, uniformity and optimized illumination performance, it was an easy decision.Joe Morgan Honda installed 59 BetaLED THE EDGE area luminaires: seven with Type II medium backlight optics, 28 with Type IV medium backlight optics, 19 with Type V optics, seven Type II medium optics with backlight control and five with NEMA 6 optics. They estimate a three-year ROI on the LED luminaires. BetaLED luminaires also provide exceptional improvements in illumination quality compared to traditional specification-grade HID luminaires, with a reduction of more than 60 percent in lighting power density (LPD). Added cost saving benefits include the virtually maintenance-free operation of the luminaires, and the elimination of hazardous waste disposal that comes with relamping traditional HID systems.“The BetaLED exterior lighting allows us to drive down operating expenses, present our cars in the best light, and contribute to the greening of our community,” said Dick Lange, Joe Morgan Honda general manager. Customers typically comment about how much easier it is to see the cars, anywhere in the lot. And knowing that Joe Morgan Honda is the first car dealership in Ohio with LED luminaires, the sales associates specifically point out the LED lights and mention the dealership’s philosophy of helping lead the industry into a greener automotive future.“We installed the LED luminaires, along with many other sustainable products because it pays back in so many ways and it’s the right thing to do,” continued Lange.The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) formally endorsed the EPA’s Energy Star Challenge by asking the NADA’s 20,000 members to reduce energy use by 10 percent or more. The EPA estimates that if auto dealers cut their energy use by 10 percent, they would save nearly $193 million and prevent more than one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.Benefits:• Optimized illumination performance enhances the appearance of vehicles, in both frontline and midcourt, to potential customers• BetaLED luminaires contribute to a significant reduction in energy and operating expenses• A predicted lumen depreciation of less than 10 percent at 50,000 hours of operation (11.5 years, dusk to dawn operation)• Estimated 60% energy savings versus traditional specification-grade HID systems, while providing increased illumination performance

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