FZLED releases MR16-03 LED spotlight bulbs with universal compatibility

June 23, 2011
Date Announced: 23 Jun 2011Taipei, Taiwan – FZLED, maker of high-performance LED lighting products, today releases their environmentally-friendly MR16-03 series of LED spotlights. High luminous efficacy and lifetimes of more than 35,000 hours make these high-quality LED bulbs an excellent choice for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. FZLED has paid particular attention to universal compatibility with this product release, making the MR16-03 LED spotlight bulbs able to fit GU5.3, GU10, E11, E14, E17, E26, E27, and B22 sockets and able to take AC input voltages of 100-240V as well as a 12V AC/DC power source for the GU5.3 socket version. “I believe our focus on universal compatibility and including several options for our customers, like various beam angles, makes us stand out in the crowd.” says FZLED CEO Alan Lin. “Providing quality products for every lighting need, no matter what the specifications require, is a top priority for us.” he went on to say.Using 3 watts of power, the MR16-03 LED spotlights from FZLED emit 120 lumens or 160 lumens of light and a Color Rendering Index higher than 80 or 75, depending on whether consumers prefer a CCT of 3000K or 6000K. FZLED has also given consumers the option to choose beam angles of 10°, 15°, 25°, 40°, or 60°. Furthermore, FZLED has optimized this product by giving it Over Current Protection as well as Reversed Polarity Protection, plus, made it compatible with electronic transformers that don't have LED drivers. With driver efficiency greater than 87% and no UV, IR, or heat emissions, the high cost-to-performance ratio and low-power features of this product series makes it good for the environment and the wallet.FZLED's MR16-03 series of LED spotlights are currently available in Taiwan and Singapore. FZLED is excited to build relationships with more distribution partners in order to provide consumers around the world with their innovative, energy-saving, and high-performance lighting solutions.ApplicationsIndoor LightingArchitectural LightingFlood LightingMood LightingBiological LightingSpot LightingFeaturesEnergy SavingNo heat, No UV, or IR light radiationLight source: Cree high power LEDRa > 75 for bright whiteLong lifetime > 35,000 hoursGU5.3 / GU10 / E11 / E14 / E17 / E26 / E27 / B22 socket compatibleHigh power driver efficiency > 87%Compatible with electronic transformers that don't have LED driversCE, FCC and ETL ApprovedSpecifications of the FZLED MR16-03 LED Spotlight Series*Power Consumption – 3 Watts*Luminous Flux (lm) – 120 (±10%) or 160 (±10%)*CCT – 3000K or 6000K*CRI – >80 or >75*LED – Cree high power LED*Input Voltage – AC/DC 12V (GU5.3 socket) or AC 100-240V (other sockets)*Socket – GU5.3 / E27 / E26 / E17 / E14 / E11 / B22 / GU10*Beam Angle – 10° / 15° / 25° / 40° / 60°*Dimming Functionality – Non-dimming*Operation Temp. – -20° to 40° C*Over Current Protection – Yes*Reversed Polarity Protection – Yes*Diameter – 48.5 (mm)Product photos and detailed specs are available at: http://www.fzled.com.tw/products.php?KindID=2&ID=9About FZLEDFZLED is a Taiwan-based developer and manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products. As a sub-division of FZTech Inc., FZLED's products have superior mechanical and thermal designs, utilizing the expertise of FZTech. Committed to excellence, FZLED follows a strict TQC for the entire manufacturing process, and conducts R&D projects continuously in an effort to create LED lighting solutions that offer light-weight, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, innovative, and thermally-optimized products to consumers. For more information visit FZLED online at www.fzled.com.tw.

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