DALI Power releases Scalpel+ LED tube driver

Sept. 3, 2011
Date Announced: 03 Sep 2011 At present,in the main LED lighting market, there are two types of led drivers, such as isolation and non isolation. Non isolated design only refers to insulation products, such as the replacement of fluorescent lamps, led and the whole products are integrated and enclosed within the non-conductive casing, therefore, the end user has no danger of electric shock. Secondary products are isolated, the price is relatively expensive, but the user could touch led and the output wiring place ( usually in the LED lighting and street lighting), this product will be the trend of the future.A. ISOLATED TYPE LED TUBE LAMP WILL BECOME THE MAINSTREAMLED drive power with isolation transformers or electrical isolationmeans that LED can be directly touched by hands without electric shock. LED driver without isolation transformer still can be used as insulation mechanically by means of protective shell, but at this time LED can not be directly touched while it is working.At present, most drivers we use are the lowered voltage power supply, which was Alternating current rectifier to obtain DC high voltage, and then directly using antihypertensive ( Buck ) circuit pressure and constant current control it. Because the non isolated power to AC power voltage into the end of the load, thus causing a risk of electric shock. Usually the insulation between LED and aluminum radiator relies on aluminum substrate for printed circuit board to realize insulation. Although the insulating layer can withstand high voltage 2000V, but sometimes the burrs of screw hole can produce the electricity phenomenon, which makes it difficult to be demonstrated by CE.Isolation type is to use transformer to isolate the input end and the output end so as to achieve isolation, this transformer may be frequent or not. But it could isolate from the input to the output so as to avoid the risk of electric shock. In general, because of the adding the insulation of the transformer, so isolated power efficiency will be lower, usually about 88% or so. And the volume of the transformer is relatively large. It would be OK to put into T10 lamp , but it would be more difficult to put into T8 lamp.B. LED DRIVING POWER BASED ON THE ISOLATING TRANSFORMER TYPE WILL BE THE MAINSTREAMIsolated and non-isolated LED drive power schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. We think, ClassII will be the mainstream, because it simplifies the LED heat problems. ClassI or II system depends on grounding system, in most cases, there is a relationship with the installation site. ClassII is more common, it requires double or reinforced insulation, namely magnetic winding transformer, insulating tape and physical isolation. The ClassI system requires a grounding shell and ( or ) mechanical barrier, while the ClassII system does not need.Chinese DALI POWER puts forward led isolated tube drivers to meet the market demand of LED isolate Scalpel + LED TUBE driver for led tube lamp:1) products using ultra-thin design, the thickness of the led drivers is only 8MM, output power: 10-36W; output voltage output current:: 30-50V; 200-700MA, high reliability.2) energy efficient: efficiency of 91%, PF0.95, temperature rise of 10 degrees. Far more than China and the European Union and others, 91% first level energy efficiency standards;3) meets energy star and CE electrical compulsory standards, especially the EMC corresponding to the GB17743 IEC6100, THD GB17625.1-2003 harmonic current corresponding to IEC61000-3-2: 2001, which requires the power to have good EMC, PFC / THD.In conclusion, Dali Power Scalpel + LED TUBE driver, having solved user's personal and public safety in the application of technology in many safety problems.For more information about Dalipower’s products visit www.daliled.com

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