Emergence Technology Consultants releases linear replacement lamps for healthcare industry

Sept. 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 Sep 2011 Emergence Technology Consultants, LLC, announced today it has released its latest product Healthy-Lite™ linear replacement lamps specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Healthy-Lite™ linear LED replacement lamps are made to the same lengths and dimensions as traditional fluorescent light bulbs and install quickly into any standard fixture. In its simplest form this allows far brighter directional light to be employed at documentable lower wattages than current fluorescent light bulb technology. The use of Healthy-Lite™ linear LED replacement lamps is an effective strategy for improving the visual quality of light while reducing a facilities electricity bill for general illumination by a documented 50% or more. No other single technology can provide such dramatic and immediate reductions in electricity costs.Healthy-Lite™ linear LED replacement lamps deliver near-full spectrum light compared to fluorescents which provide only a small part of the light spectrum. It has been well documented that partial spectrum lighting combined with an indoor environment prevents individuals from receiving the full range of daylight their bodies need to be fully awake or to restfully sleep. Healthy-Lite™ can also alleviate problems long associated with fluorescent lights such as headaches, eye fatigue and disruptive circadian rhythm. Healthy-Lite™ linear LED replacement lamps are produced exclusively by Emergence Technology Consultants, LLC, who has established its leadership as the only company in the United States which has produced over 35,000 customized linear LED replacement lamps - with zero failures, thus rechanneling needless electricity costs back to stakeholders and the communities they serve. “The technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as a replacement for traditional fluorescent light bulbs represents a rare convergence of technology and market need,” stated Howard G. Weinberg, Emergence’s Founder and Managing Member. “LED technology has technically matured, and we have developed value propositions that make a financially compelling argument - now critical to the economic stability of all healthcare facilities in the United States which will return untold millions in needless electricity costs back to their bottom-line.”

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