MELCON introduces high-efficiency, high-PF LED driver series

Sept. 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Sep 2011 MELCON introduces 40W/60W open-frame LED driver SeriesMELUX CONTROL GEARS P.LTD. MELCON launched a next generation of 40W and 60W LED power supplies MLAC4830 & MLAC4860 series. Housing with Poly Carbonate plastic,FR Grade,casing designed for miniature PCB and foot print, This series is economical. This series can be a good solutions for LED lighting fixtures. If Compared with respect to performance, new models are designed for high efficiency and extend its warranty to 3 years,At 100~260Vac it is superior in performance and has protections like Input High voltage >270Vac overload short circuit protection- No hick-up mode simply shut down mode. Built-in single stage active PFC, This series comply with Harmonic current limitation As per EN-61000-3-2 Class C (>70% load) with PF>0.9 if loading over 70% and possess 4KV surge immunity (EN61000-4-5) which comply with the requirements of general lighting standards and with high efficiency design topology, This series of new models possess up to 90% of efficiency, Works with free air convection from -18 deg.cent to +55 deg.cent. ambient temperature, Besides built-in standard protections for short circuit, over voltage, over current, and over temperature, Suitable applications include indoor LED lighting,

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