Thomas Heinrich joins Instrument Systems GmbH as Chief Operating Officer

Date Announced: 20 Sep 2011

Munich – Effective September 1, 2011 Dr. Thomas Heinrich has joined Instrument Systems GmbH as Chief Operating Officer and Managing
Director with responsibility for Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Production. Dr. Heinrich will report to the company’s founder and President Richard Distl.

The market growth in LED, general lighting and in display metrology has fueled significant growth at Instrument Systems and its subsidiary Optronik Berlin. To better meet the needs of its customers, President and company owner Richard Distl has decided to expand the management of Instrument Systems with Dr. Thomas Heinrich joining the company as COO. Richard Distl will maintain responsibility for Strategy, R&D, Marketing and Sales within the company.

“We are privileged to have an experienced manager such as Dr. Thomas Heinrich join our team; he brings a broad business management background specifically in finance and operations,” commented Richard Distl. “This further strengthens the management team and we are looking forward to his distinguished support.”

Dr. Thomas Heinrich began his career at Burger GmbH – a mid-sized elevator manufacturer – while he was studying business administration at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and subsequently working for his doctorate. He then moved to the Allianz Group, where he held a number of positions working in the area of investments in technology companies, strategy and quality management.

In his last position as Chief Operating Officer of AAAm, a subsidiary company of Allianz based in Paris and New York, he repositioned the business model and created the organizational framework for international expansion.

Company profile Instrument Systems GmbH
Instrument Systems was founded in 1986 and is based in Munich. The company develops, manufactures and markets turnkey solutions for light measurement. Instrument Systems delivers a comprehensive range of light measuring products for industrial and research applications. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers as well as imaging photometers and colorimeters. Key applications are LED and display measurement, as well as spectroradiometry and photometry. Instrument Systems is one of the leading manufacturers for spectral light measurement systems. The innovative measuring systems from the Munich company deliver accurate and reliable results for all optical parameters of light sources in conformity with CIE recommendations. Instrument Systems provides support for the global customer base with backup from a comprehensive network of representatives.

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