Intelligent OLED microdisplays measure distances

Sept. 15, 2011
Date Announced: 15 Sep 2011 Bi-directional OLED microdisplays based on OLED-on-CMOS technology allow for simultaneous image display and acquisition on a single micro chip. “That makes them predestined not only for augmented reality via interactive data eye glasses but also for applications in the optical inspection”, explains Uwe Vogel of Fraunhofer IPMS. Within the collaborative project ISEMO (funded by the german Federal Ministry for Education and Research BMBF) Fraunhofer IPMS has developed OLED microdisplays that are applied by Fraunhofer IOF for dimensional sensorics for surface characterization. They can be used e.g. as distance or inclination sensors. “By inverse-confocal imaging approach a point-source sensor with purely electronic scanning allows extremely compact sensor modules.”, explains Constanze Großmann from Fraunhofer IOF. “This opens completely new opportunities for machine integration.” At the IMID 2011 a demonstrator will show both bi-directional OLED microdisplays as components (QVGA and VGA display resolution) as well as an example device setup for dimensional sensorics.Fraunhofer IPMS and IOF thank the Federal Ministry for Education and Research BMBF for funding the project “Integrated sensor emitter microsystem based on OLED” (ISEMO) under contract 16SV3682.

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