Focus LLC provides powerful LED lighting for Siberian company SGMK

Sept. 5, 2011
Date Announced: 05 Sep 2011 Mining, iron and steel Siberian Company (SGMK) — is the absolute leader among other mining, iron and steel enterprises of Kuzbass, one of the leading companies on the Russian market. Installation of Focus LED luminaires allows to use much less energy with better quality of light. Application of LED lighting instead of traditional light sources is efficient and useful. Benefits are especially significant in business spheres, becouse with LED lighting you can save 6 times more energy, just imagine total benefit from this equipment per year! «FOCUS» company was founded in 2004. Our professionals have great experience in the field of optoelectronics. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for the special lighting fixtures on the orders of other companies — manufacturers. Now we produce lighting solutions for outdoor areas (USS series), office spaces (SPO series), industrial and warehouse buildings (PS and Kolokol series), promotional billboards and facades, greenhouses, and also for landscape and architectural installations. Our company has a lot of innovative developments, patents, and implemented projects in the sphere of energy efficient technologies. «FOCUS» positioned itself as a manufacturer of high quality products. Manufactured products satisfy the most stringent requirements for reliability and quality. Our mission is to bring innovation to the market place and offer a greater consumer choice. We appreciate the frank and open relationship and we value our reputation of reliable partner.

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