QD Vision moves to high-volume production facility to meet quantum dot demand

Sept. 9, 2011
Date Announced: 09 Sep 2011 QD Vision, Inc. has moved to a high-volume production facility in Lexington, Massachusetts in anticipation of several new products launching in 2012.The company's Quantum Light optics are going to be employed by several global consumer electronics companies' products. These products include displays and solid-state lighting. In displays, QD Vision products reduce manufacturing and operating costs and provide higher system efficiency. For SSL, Quantum Light enables LED lamps to produce highly efficient, incandescent-like white light.The new facility is based in Lexington, Massachusetts.QD Vision made news late last year when it entered an agreement with Solvay to develop printable electroluminescent platform for quantum dot LEDs (QLEDs).+++Press Release+++Lexington, Mass - QD Vision, Inc., developer of nanotechnology-based optical products for displays and solid state lighting, today announced it has relocated to a new, high-volume production facility in Lexington, Massachusetts to support new products launching in 2012.QD Vision occupies the entire building in Lexington, which houses the company's global headquarters, as well as its production and development facilities.QD Vision is currently working with several global consumer electronics companies that are building new products that employ its Quantum Light(TM) optics. For displays, QD Vision's products provide greatly expanded color gamut simultaneously reducing manufacturing and operating costs while improving system energy efficiency. For solid state lighting, its products enable LED lamps to produce incandescent-like, warm, white light with high efficiency."Quantum dots are light emitting materials made via a precisely-controlled chemical synthesis process. The sophisticated nature of the manufacturing process, coupled with the need for a skilled educated workforce, makes Massachusetts an ideal place to locate a high-volume Quantum Dot manufacturing facility," said Jason Carlson, QD Vision CEO. "This new space in Lexington perfectly fits our needs for long term business growth and will allow us to address rapidly increasing customer demand."About QD Vision, Inc.QD Vision ( www.qdvision.com ) is a quantum dot product company that delivers highly differentiated display and lighting solutions. QD Vision's Quantum Light(TM) platform enables step-change advances in current generation solutions, such as LCDs, LEDs and even OLEDs, and ultimately a significant leap over these technologies. Leveraging a first-tier patent position in nanotechnology originating at MIT, QD Vision is a privately held company based in Watertown, Mass.

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