LED lamp locator tool offers powerful industry portal for LED lamp market

Sept. 28, 2011
Date Announced: 28 Sep 2011 (New York, NY – The LED industry proudly welcomes the introduction of the “LED Lamp Locator,” a bold new web-based tool that will dramatically enhance the ease with which professional lighting users can search, evaluate, compare, and specify the market’s broad range of LED replacement lamps. Providing lighting distributors, specifiers, contractors, end users, manufacturers, and other lighting professionals with a comprehensive database of current LED lamp products offered by the market’s range of global manufacturers, the powerful and unprecedented new LED Lamp Locator will help minimize the confusion and misinformation often associated with the identification and selection of LED lamps in today’s fast-paced and rapidly-expanding marketplace.Developed, owned, and operated by leading LED information provider Lighting Internet Technology Enterprises, LLC (LITE), the LED Lamp Locator, located at www.LEDLampLocator.com, is a web-based LED lamp database designed to provide the lighting community with comprehensive and up-to-date product information that will help them evaluate and select from the market’s thousands of LED lamp products offered by hundreds of manufacturers. Incorporating a simple and user-friendly search-and-compare online tool that presents current product information supplied directly by the industry’s many manufacturers, the system offers easy access to and comparison of the market’s broad range of competing LED lamp products across a transparent, consistent, and organized platform to help assure the optimal product selection for any lighting-related project. Providing full technical information in a straight-forward and easy-to-understand format, the industry-leading tool delivers real-time data searchable across a variety of fields and criteria, enabling the creation of a multitude of custom comparisons that will immeasurably facilitate the decision-making and product-selection process.Offering the benefits of energy efficiency, long life, and low maintenance, LEDs hold tremendous promise for reducing global energy consumption. The new LED Lamp Locator is designed to assist in fulfilling this objective to a greater extent than ever before by helping to match those companies who manufacture these ground-breaking products with the industry players and end users who can truly benefit from them.Lauded by industry channel members as a “tremendous new tool” for navigating the often-confusing landscape of LED lamp products and as an “extremely valuable innovation” by the lighting design community, www.LEDLampLocator.com represents a powerful new portal that will fast become the lighting industry’s go-to resource for LED lamp product information and related material.

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