Soccer arena scores 60% energy savings with LED bulbs from Light Emitting Designs

Sept. 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Sep 2011 Barrington, ILL — Light Emitting Designs ( announces the successful installation of light emitting diode (LED) high bays for the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena in Dyer, Indiana. The switch to LED lighting scored three winning points for savings.Save Bulb Replacement Time and LaborThe first point was for saving time and labor. Considering the fact that these lights are on whenever the arena is open, along with the fact that the fixtures are high and not readily accessible, an LED bulb life of 35,000+ hours scores significant savings on replacement time and labor. Save Energy Demand From The GridPoint two: the environment scores energy savings with LED products. LED high bay light fixtures are an ideal low-wattage solution for applications like the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena. Gymnasiums, warehouses and hangars are other examples of applications. According to the most recent U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for 20% of commercial building energy consumption. (Source: Therefore, retrofitting with LED products can yield significant savings. Up until recently, standard high bay fixtures used primarily HID (High Intensity Discharge), Metal Halide or fluorescent bulbs.Retrofitting metal halide bulbs with LED high bays scored a defining advantage. Says arena Owner, Mike Ward, “We’re open seven days a week, November through April. After we replaced all 40 high bay light fixtures in our facility last year, we racked up more than 60% in energy savings. These lights illuminate two indoor soccer fields plus our tennis court. I’m very happy with the energy savings!” Everybody Wins - Players and Fans Applaud LED Light OutputThe third point is a feature that’s easy on the eyes. When LED bulbs were introduced to commercial applications, facility managers and building engineers weren’t keen on the output. “LEDs have improved in output and light quality and now surpass most metal halide, halogen and fluorescent lights in color quality, efficiency, longevity and brilliance,” says Tim Taylor, Light Emitting Designs CEO. “The news just keeps getting better for our customers. As demand grows and technology improves, we are also seeing prices drop.” Saving time and energy by retrofitting light fixtures with LED products was easy on the eyes and on the wallet—a winning game plan for the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena. Find out how your building can win with LED.Backgrounder Light Emitting Designs, a Division of TADD LLC, was founded in 2007 as a supplier of quality LED retrofit products with a focus on the Electrical Distribution channel. Its product line includes PARs, MRs and T8s, as well as niche products like High Bays, Post Tops and Wall Packs. Light Emitting Designs supplies a full line of LED products to meet commercial, industrial and municipal demand.

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