DALI Power unveils LED lighting driver solution without electrolytic capacitor

Sept. 14, 2011
Date Announced: 14 Sep 2011 LED lighting drive power in the market is usually divided into two level architecture and one level architecture, one level architecture means to convert 220V electricity into the DC voltage and a constant current that LED requires, BOM has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, is popular in the market.In most LED applications, what means the most to the life span of led is the decoupling capacitor. High temperature and high reliability of the capacitor will increase the cost of BOM significantly, so it would be the trend and great demand to reduce the dimension of capacitor and to increase the life span of led and control BOM costs.Although LED is an energy saving and environmental protection products, so far the lumen of commercial led lights available is 80-120lm / W light effect is the highest level in all lighting products, there are yet about 60% of the electricity can not be converted to light energy but heat energy. All LED lamps are just like a heating body while it is working, so there is a high temperature zone 50 - 70 degrees or even 85 degrees , the electrolytic capacitor electrolyte will soon be evaporated while roasting, It would be a failure not to last 1000 to 3000 hours.Dali Power has been actively developing the promotion of electronic capacitor LED illumination driving power supply. Because the life span of the present ordinary LED illumination driving power depends on electrolytic capacitor which converts AC to DC smoothing circuit. We know that LED's working life could last as long as 40000 hours, but the time of electrolytic capacitor is only a few thousand hours, because the life of the system relies on the electrolytic capacitor which is the component of power supply, then the life of LED illumination driving power does not match the life of LED if you could not figure out the way to take off electrolytic capacitor, then it would be difficult to display the advantage long life span of LED lighting.Then why is electrolytic capacitor indispensable? This is because the LED is a DC current driven element, when the AC power supply is switched on, usually we use a rectifying element and smoothing circuit DC to stabilize power supply, the ambient temperature of electrolytic capacitor will raise 10 degrees because it generates heat by itself, which leads to the loss of half life span, so the electrolytic capacitor blocks the life of LED lighting apparatus.Dali Power recommends led drive design without electrolytic capacitor, used mainly for bulb lamp, PF value may reach the European standard EN 0.70, less peripheral elements, low price, long life span and space saving. Life is 10 times of the original LED drivers, the design life is as much as 40000 hours or more, can be well matched with the life LED lamp, small size, only forty percent of the original LED driver area. Products are mainly used in household low power lighting, suitable scope is 3W ~ 20W.OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS INCLUDE: 1) DIMMABLE LED DRIVER: 1-22W Outside Led driver,1-15W Inside Led driver.2) OUTSIDE LED DRIVER: 1-50W Outside Led driver,1-32W Inside Led driver.3) LED TUBE DRIVER: T5/T8-6W/8W/12W/16W/18W/20W,T10/T12-22W/24W/28W/32W/36W.For more information about Dali power’s products, welcome to visit www.daliled.com

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