DSEM launches J-LED and C-LED multipurpose illumination engines for general lighting

Sept. 13, 2011
Date Announced: 13 Sep 2011 GEORGETOWN, Penang, MY -– DSEM, a leading innovator of compact and high brightness LED products, has announced their J-LED and C-LED series that are available in several illumination categories. Both series are targeted for general lighting applications.The J-LED 10W product, DDAL C010, is the first to offer with integrated optics for enhanced illumination. This product is able to achieve 110lm/W for cool white lighting.The J-LED 15W product, DJAL-W115, is available in warm-white lighting solution.The J-LED 30W products are designed for super high brightness that is long lasting. The DJSB-C130 is a cool white light solution while the DJSB-W130 is a warm white light solution.The J-LED 50W products are designed for extreme brightness, are long lasting and have the best efficacy solution in the series. They are available in cool white (DJSB-C150), neutral white (DJSB-N150) and warm white (DJSN-W150) lighting solutions.Both the 30W and 50W products feature the DSEM patented technology, Advance Metal Substrate (AMS™), allowing efficient thermal management for longer shelf-life. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting application, particularly, spotlights and street illumination. They can also be designed with integrated optics for enhanced illumination features.The C-LED 13W series comes available in cool white light solution (DCEB-C113) and warm white light solution (DCEB-W113) which can illuminate up to 930lm.The C-LED 6W series are the first products to achieve excellent efficacy for warm white solution. Coupled with a long shelflife, they offer good quality lighting at very affordable costs. The products are available in cool white (DCEB-C106) and warm white (DCEB-W106).The C-LED series is a compact and cost effective illumination solution that is ideal for luminaire manufacturers with design constraints. The series is available in 6W and 13W products. The warm white solutions with CRI of 85 are ideal for high-quality lighting and cosy ambiance.Samples and production quantities of the LED products are available now.DSEM is a leading innovator of compact and high brightness LED products that can be used in everyday high-efficacy luminaire applications. DSEM LEDs are able to provide performance improvements in applications such as general illumination for indoor and outdoor.For more information on DSEM’s products and services, log on to www.dsem.com

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