Cosmos Lighting starts mass production in September

Sept. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Sep 2011 Reported in many famous broadcasts, like Gaogong LED Magazine,,, etc, Cosmos Lighting Technology Co., Ltd will start mass production in Sep, 2011.After several years' researching and trival production, Cosmos Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is ready to auto-manufacture LED COB modules. These new series of COB modules feature is packaging the LED chip on the bronze cup--better dissipation and higher light effect, less light drop and more durable. It is reported Cosmos Lighting will start mass production in Sep 2011, then lots of new products will be shown in the market. Cosmos Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specially engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing LED lamp module (COB lamp), LED indoor lights. The company is located in the world Hakka City –Meizhou. Their products cover LED lamp module, LED indoor lights, LED car lighting and LED yacht lights. They have intellectual property in COB LED lamp packaging, and obtain several patents in this industry.This COB module is used in LED bulb, which is 7W, with bronze cup in the back of chips, for better heat dissipation and longer lifespan. Plus, the CRI of this light source is relatively high, reaching RA75. We are Cosmos Lighting, supplying LED COB modules with quality and big quantity.

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