Edison unveils Federal FM series of super-small 4-chip LEDs

Sept. 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Sep 2011 The newly launched super small 4-10W 4-chip LED Series is now available in the full spectrum of white and RGBA, RGBW multi colors. It offers great performance in a single ultra small component of only 5mm x 5mm. The super mini size allows designers to develop a much simpler optics and consequently help to reduce the overall system cost. The white FM LEDs deliver up to 750 lumens in cool white and 550 lumens in warm white at 700 mA. Their bright and high-performance characteristic makes it especially suitable for high lumen applications such as in-door lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting or LED replacement lamps. In addition, a FX Series family of 3in1, 4in1, 7in1, 9in1 and 12in1 modules and related lenses are also available.The multi-color Federal FM Series is the smallest 4-chip LEDs in the industry at the moment. The addition of white provides softer lighting effects while the amber expands the color gamut. The multi color LEDs deliver a brilliance of color mixing and lighting quality to many applications ranging from architectural, decorative, entertainment to stage lighting. The multi-color FM components can also be applied to a related square module and related lenses which have been designed by Edison Opto.

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