Optomistic Products announces Nisa Pte. Ltd. as Southeast Asia representative

Sept. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Sep 2011 Optomistic Products announces Nisa Pte. Ltd., as the Southeast Asia representatives of the new Universal LightProbe for ATE and in-circuit LED test. FREEPORT, ME. -– Optomistic Products’ announces NISA Pte. Ltd., as representatives of Optomistic Products’ new Universal LightProbe to the Southeast Asian market, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Australia and Korea. Nisa Pte. Ltd. is a supplier of electronic test solutions with over twenty years of industry experience. Optomistic Products’ new Universal LightProbes offer fast, accurate and cost-effective LED color and intensity testing at all levels of product assembly: as components, on printed circuit-boards, and in finished products. Optomistic Products’ unique range of sensors and fiber-optic probes provide a cost-effective solution for LED color and intensity test situations, including in-circuit test (ICT) and automatic test equipment (ATE) requirements. The new Universal LightProbes are small, highly versatile programmable sensors for the reliable test of LEDs, identifying the correct color and intensity from a wide spectrum of colors, including white LEDs – while offering the choice of digital or analog output. And now, due to customer demand, the new Universal LightProbe sensors offer unparalleled reliability and versatility, operating at any voltage from +5 volts to +40 volts and withstanding reverse polarity up to -18 volts.NISA has been in partnership with Optomistic Products for four years, during which time they have provided excellent sales and service to their customers throughout Southeast Asia, and Optomistic Products looks forward to NISA customers receiving the same excellent service for the new Universal LightProbe. About Optomistic Products: For twenty years, as the original inventors of light probes for the circuit-board test of LEDs, Optomistic Products has provided been the world-wide provider of fast, accurate and cost-effective LED color and intensity test at all levels of product assembly: as components; on printed circuit-boards; and in finished products. We find the LED faults before the customer does. More information on the company can be found at www.optomisticproducts.com About NISA: NISA Pte. Ltd was established in the Year 1991. Throughout the South-East Asia region, NISA has exclusively been a distributor for many manufacturers of Electronics and Semi-con Test solution. More information on the Company can be found at www.nisa.sg

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