Noribachi partners with Presbyterian Healthcare in community-leading LED lighting installations

Nov. 2, 2011
Date Announced: 02 Nov 2011 Albuquerque, NM - Noribachi, innovator of smart energy products and leader in informed grid interaction, partners with Albuquerque’s premier healthcare provider, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, to positively impact the health of the community and environment of New Mexico by lowering power consumption through the installation of low wattage LED lighting. Presbyterian Healthcare Services has been the leading healthcare provider in New Mexico for over 100 years and has further expanded their influential position with respect to environmental stewardship by partnering with Noribachi in several key LED retrofits.In 2009 and 2010 Presbyterian Hospital was awarded Energy Star recognition and in 2010 both Presbyterian and Kaseman Hospitals received the Green Zia Environmental Leadership Program recognition at the silver level from the Secretary of the New Mexico Environmental Department. Presbyterian Healthcare Services Facilities Engineering, under the direction of Jim Klein, has implemented a range of sustainable initiatives throughout multiple Presbyterian locations in central New Mexico.From applying a thermally reflective substrate to rooftops to keep the buildings cooler and reduce air conditioning, to installing a rooftop photovoltaic array at the Montgomery clinic, Presbyterian’s efforts provide a lodestar for other local businesses, demonstrating how cornerstone institutions can benefit the communities they serve by making their facilities and business practices more environmentally aware. “It’s identifying and doing the right thing,” says Klein, “We’ve implemented a variety of demonstration projects, including control system upgrades, solar panel installations, and lighting retrofits when appropriate to improve safety and reliability while improving building performance.”Noribachi has partnered with Presbyterian on a growing number of key site upgrades, providing an ideal solution for lowering energy costs with their uniquely engineered industrial LED retrofit bulbs. Noribachi replaced 100 parking lot lights at Presbyterian’s Northside hospital as well as retrofitted the parking lot lights at the Montgomery clinic, providing a truer color light as well as substantially improving the reliability and lifetime of the lights. At the Montgomery location, after a combined effort involving LEDs, lighting controls and solar power, Klein reports that in September energy consumption was down by 58% compared to the previous year.The most recent and largest project Noribachi has undertaken in partnership with Presbyterian is the hospital’s downtown parking garage. Currently the garage is lit with metal halides, which perform unreliably especially in temperature extremes, and diminish in brightness over time, resulting in inadequate light levels. “LEDs are relatively unaffected by temperature extremes and last longer, with no light attenuation over time. With Noribachi’s solution, we expect to see a light level increase of 30 – 50% in the garage,” says Steve Kiziuk, VP of Sales at Noribachi. For Klein, reliability is important, since the garage sees hundreds of visitors a day and safety is a paramountconcern. Klein cites Noribachi’s 5 year warranty as a key influence in his adoption of LED technology.In a complete overhaul, Noribachi will replace all the existing metal halide fixtures with 176 Viga LED fixtures, simultaneously increasing the light levels while reducing energy costs by a respectable 60%. “The difference will be remarkable. I’m anxious to see the results,” says Klein, whose passion for sustainability is fueled by the knowledge that his efforts today will have an undeniable impact on the future of his grandchildren. “Partnering with key institutions like Presbyterian, whose values are so closely aligned with ours, reaffirms Noribachi’s mission. The healthcare provider not only demonstrates a sophisticated awareness of sustainability but also consistently implements some of the most environmentally cognizant facilities upgrades that Noribachi has had the honor to assist with. Presbyterian’s mission to improve the health of individuals is actually a great metaphor for our LED retrofit bulbs – by upgrading inefficient lighting we’re making lights, and the spaces they illuminate, healthier,” says Rhonda Dibachi, CFO of Noribachi.ABOUT NORIBACHI:Noribachi is advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by creating smart energy products, challenging rote relationships with energy and design.Noribachi’s product suite includes LED lighting, consumer electronics, solar solutions, and engineering and design services. These products integrate proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities and an uncompromising devotion to aesthetics.With over 800 installations – including world class hotels and luxury automobile dealerships – representing a diverse variety of markets across the US and internationally, Noribachi is a leader in integrating smart power and informed grid interaction with distinctive and human-centered design.Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Delaware with offices in Los Angeles, CA; Albuquerque, NM and Shanghai, China.ABOUT PRESBYTERIAN:Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) is a nonprofit integrated health care system that has served the state of New Mexico for more than 100 years. PHS is the largest insurer and provider of healthcare services in New Mexico. PHS operates eight hospitals that support nearly 950 inpatient beds, including a new hospital recently opened in Rio Rancho and over 90 clinics located at 44 sites throughout New Mexico seeing between 3,800 and 5,000 outpatients daily.

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