The apron lighting system at Innsbruck Airport: ewo provides the world’s first solution with energy-saving LED technology

Nov. 15, 2011
Date Announced: 15 Nov 2011 The worldwide traffic movement presents a considerable burden for the environment – even public transport carriers in the aviation industry. Therefore, Innsbruck Airport has declared preventive environmental protection measures to be an integral part of its corporate strategy and focuses on sustainable solutions for the expansion of airport infrastructures: The apron lighting systems developed by ewo focuses completely – in a hitherto globally unique method – on energy-saving LED technology.The 14 high mast systems with varying mounting heights (ranging from 13.5 m to 21 m) are equipped with a large number of LED light units, which are able to light up a total area of 49,000 m² in accordance with the standards of ICAO guidelines and in compliance with the EN 12464-2 standard (lighting of outdoor work places).In comparison with the originally planned project with conventional technology, this technology was able to achieve more than a 70% reduction of the energy consumption and CO2 emissions, while still producing the same technical light results and complying with all mentioned standards and safety regulations. In fact, the applied light technology works with considerably increased precision: The proportion of scattered light, which is diffused into the environment, is considerably reduced and light pollution – whichis diffused into the night skies – is avoided. Only the defined area is actually illuminated and the influence on the environment is minimised.In addition to the high savings potential, the LED technology from ewo also provides a number of other advantages, which are of great relevance with special regard to application on airport grounds: In addition to considerably reduced maintenance costs, the advantages particularly include fast reaction times (on/off) and the numerous possibilities of lighting control (DALI) with which the light flux can be dimmed via infinitely variable control and, thus, ideally adjusted to suit the prevailing requirements. With the installation of this lighting system, Innsbruck Airport once more proves its dedication toward environmental protection and, with the application of LED high mast systems, becomes an internationalpioneer.ewoewo is a manufacturer of high-quality lighting systems for public areas, offering skilled light consultancy, innovative technical solution and individual design. ewo uses a holistic approach which becomes evident in its projects and its leading guidelines are quality, reliability and high product durability. This traditionalfamily company works in accordance with firm and defined values such as honesty, partnership and uprightness and it is these guidelines that drive the company's actions across the board. ewo is innovative,flexible, keeps a constant eye on developments and is open-minded.

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