Prizmatix releases Optogenetics Toolkit

Nov. 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Nov 2011 Recently Prizmatix released Optogenetics Toolkit.It consists of:1.A set of Ultra High Power LEDs (460, 520, 630nm and White).These LEDs feature ultra-high brightness at small active area which enables both fiber coupling applications and epifluorescence excitation. The UHP LED driver is controlled by a fast opto-isolated TTL input for fast switching with a rise/fall time of microseconds, much faster than the millisecond pulses required for Optogenetics applications. 2.Fiber optic Rotary Joint -a useful accessory for Optogenetics in vivo studies. It enables coupling of an optical fiber to a freely moving mammals.2.The Beam Combiner which can join two discrete UHP-LEDs into one output beam, which can then be coupled to a microscope or an optical fiber.3. 6-positions Filter Wheel at the beam output; it is especially useful for UHP-Mic-LED-White light source4. LLG XYZ adjustable Collimator for Liquid Light Guide (LLG) with adaptor for the epi-illumination port of fluorescence microscopes. This collimator can be equipped with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss or Leica adaptors.5. Fiberoptic Collimator designed to collimate High NA fibers (up to 0.53), such as Hard Polymer Clad fibers and Polymer Optical Fibers (POFs). The Toolkit contains also Beam Combiner,Fiber Coupling Adapator,Beam Switcher, Liquid Light Guide Adaptor, Liquid light Guide etc.

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