New AC/DC-LED driver from Recom is dimmable down to zero and flicker-free

Nov. 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 Nov 2011 TRIAC-dimmers were originally designed to dim incandescent filament lamps. The elimination of these lamp types increases the need for alternative dimming methods. The use of TRIAC-dimmers in LED-systems causes unwanted flicker, visible to the eye, due to phase modulation. This prevents linear dimming of LEDs down to zero. If existing TRIAC-Dimmers are to be used with LED-systems, a new type of LED-Driver is required.RECOM releases with the RACT20-family a new generation of AC/DC-drivers that can be dimmed linearly and without flicker from 100% down to zero. The RACT20-family is equipped with a specially developed TRIAC input, which is not affected by the PFC-circuit of the driver; an ideal solution where dimming is easy for many LED-systems. These new AC/DC-drivers are available with either 230VAC or 115VAC input. They offer 20 watt and can support 5 to15 power LEDs or LED-chains, with constant currents of 350, 500, 700 or 1050mA. The power factor (PFC) is >95% and therefore better than required by EN 61000-3-2. RACT20-drivers are designed for indoor applications, class IP20 and measure only 32.6 x 16.5 x 11.1mm (L x W x H). They are EN/UL 60950-1 certified with a “Design Lifetime” >70.000 hours and a 5 year warranty.Samples are now available by leading distributors from stock. More details are available at or can be requested via email to [email protected].

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