Lumaera solves the LED puzzle

Nov. 22, 2011
Date Announced: 22 Nov 2011 Vexica Technology Limited is a UK based LED solution provider and supplier to the lighting industry. We specialise in custom lighting and integration of LEDs into luminaires. We also offer a multitude of standard PCB light-engines and components.In addition to our comprehensive range we are introducing and announcing the launch of our first OEM LED module called LUMAERA. The LUMAERA module has the following key features:- On-board TRIAC mains dimming driver- 95 mm diameter OEM heat sink - Optional silent active heat-sink cooling - 111mm twist and clip on reflector- Remote Phosphor colour conversion for high CRI options- 1200 and 2000 Lumen options (higher versions due Q2 2012)The new LUMAERA OEM LED module offers manufacturers unparalleled ease of integration of LED technology. Offered in 1200 and 2000 lumen packages, this new LED module has an interface for a twist and clip AR111 form factor reflector allowing easy selection and changes of optical distribution patterns without the need for specialist tools. The Vexica LUMAERA LED module product gives OEM manufacturers versatile LED solutions without the associated research and development costs. This allows them to offer clients considerable savings on both energy and maintenance with a cost effective luminaire solution.Unrivalled light output is achieved using the latest LED technology and Vexica’s highly efficient TRIAC dimming integrated driver. High CRI options are available providing rendering indexes over 90 achieved via Vexica’s proprietary mixing chamber and Intematix remote phosphor technologies. Vexica have integrated the very latest CREE XT-E LEDs specifically tuned for use with remote phosphor systems. White diffuser LED versions are also available using a range of high power LEDs where customers demand a more cost sensitive version but still want high levels of efficiency. We are able to incorporate your LED of choice if you have an affinity or preference for a certain brand. Our LED driver design delivers smooth mains dimming via TRIAC control systems with high efficiency. For ease of installation and wiring, a push fit mains connector is integrated as part of the module with cable clamping. Vexica also offer a die cast aluminium heat-sink with optional silent active cooling designed specifically for the LUMAERA to allow OEMs complete peace of mind when it comes to the all-important issue of thermal management. Available as a complete kit including module, heat-sink and reflector, or as individual components it couldn’t be easier or more cost effective to join the LED revolution!

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