MaxLite’s LED wall packs receive prestigious DesignLights Consortium certification and inclusion in qualified products list

Nov. 9, 2011
Date Announced: 09 Nov 2011 West Caldwell, New Jersey - Bolstering a reputation for high quality, energy efficient commercial lighting, MaxLite™ announces that its full cutoff LED Wall Packs, from 20 watts to 70 watts, have been approved by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and are now included in its Qualified Products List (QPL). The DLC was established to ensure that high quality, energy efficient lighting designs are used in all commercial lighting installations, which includes categories that are not addressed by ENERGY STAR.“We are proud to announce that our full cutoff LED Wall Packs have been added to the DLC’s prestigious Qualified Product List,” said MaxLite's National Product Marketing Manager Pat Treadway. “This accomplishment highlights MaxLite’s extensive efforts to develop highly regarded, energy efficient lighting for a variety of commercial and institutional lighting.”The leading, global manufacturer and marketer of energy efficient luminaires and lamps’ line of DLC-approved full cutoff Wall Packs were designed and engineered as maintenance free, energy efficient alternatives to traditional fluorescent and HID fixtures. MaxLite’s full cutoff LED Wall Packs are ideal for outdoor lumination at hotels, garages, commercial buildings, public spaces, schools and universities, and hospitals.MaxLite's high performance and optimized optics improve lighting quality by delivering a wide uniformed beam spread to eliminate cave-like appearances, which are commonplace in most commercial and industrial facilities. The LED Wall Packs are perfect in alternatives to high/low pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent, induction lighting, and other types of lighting fixtures.MaxLite's Wall Packs feature an LED module with aluminum heat sink to ensure thermal management, and uses directional settings to maintain optimal light levels. The Class 2 integral LED driver is UL-listed. The fixtures maximize brightness (up to 4200 lumens), efficacy and lifetime (up to 50,000 hours or 13 years). With an energy savings of 50 percent or higher and reduced maintenance, ROI is achieved within approximately two years. The luminaires are constructed without any mercury or harmful materials, and do not emit UV rays. The LED Wall Packs, which are universal and operate on 120- to 277‐volt electrical systems, feature a heavy-duty cast aluminum one-piece housing that is polyester coated, protected from rust and corrosion, and sealed to be free of dirt and bugs, and crafted with shatterproof glass.Offered in a handsome, polyester-coated dark bronze finish and a new textured white finish, the fixtures are occupancy or dusk-to-dawn sensor compatible, and provide multiple knockouts for mounting convenience. Mounting options include surface mounts, with multiple knockouts available for installing convenience. The fixtures include:* The full cutoff MLSWP20LED50DS uses 20 watts, delivers 1400 lumens and has a 5000K-color temperature. The fixture is 12.6 inches long, 11.26 inches wide and 9 inches tall. This luminaire replaces a metal halide fixture up to 100 watts.* The full cutoff MLSWP30LED50DS uses 30 watts and delivers 2400 lumens, with a 5000K-color temperature. The fixture is 12.6 inches long, 11.26 inches wide and 9 inches tall. This luminaire replaces a metal halide fixture up to 150 watts.* The full cutoff MLLWP40LED50DS uses 40 watts, delivers 3050 lumens and has a 5000K-color temperature. The fixture is 16.7 inches long, 13.7 inches wide and 9 inches tall. This luminaire replaces a metal halide fixture up to 175 watts.* The full cutoff MLLWP70LED50DS uses 70 watts and delivers 4400 lumens, with a 5000K-color temperature. The fixture is 16.9 inches long, 13.6 inches wide and 9 inches tall. This luminaire replaces a metal halide fixture up to 250 watts.IES LM79 and LM80 reports are available. All are backed by a five‐year limited warranty. About the DesignLights ConsortiumThe DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) is a collaboration of utility companies and regional energy efficiency organizations that is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of efficient lighting in commercial buildings. The DLC helps builders, architects, designers, and commercial property owners to implement improved design practices in all areas of the commercial lighting market while ensuring that high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all lighting installations.About MaxLiteFounded in New Jersey in 1993 as a joint venture with SK Enterprise Co., Ltd., a leading South Korean manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products, MaxLite inherited a true tradition of energy efficient lighting manufacturing that dates back to 1955. Today, MaxLite is a privately held lighting company which designs, manufactures and distributes LED fluorescent energy efficient lighting products. Since its founding, MaxLite has worked to develop a reputation as a leading global manufacturer and marketer of energy efficient and environmentally friendly lamps and luminaires. MaxLite offers an extensive line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures including LED and fluorescent luminaires. MaxLite established the MaxLED™ brand which includes: Edge Lit Flat Panels, Direct Lit Flat Panels, full cutoff Wall Packs, Garage and Canopy Luminaires, Nightlights, Exit Signs, Optical Panels, Lightbars, and LED light sources. MaxLite is headquartered at 12 York Ave in West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006. Tel. 1.800.555.5629

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