DK Thermal introduces formable thermal PCB solutions

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A unique proposition is Formable Thermal LED PCB Solutions. Unlike brittle ceramic or epoxy systems, the dielectric is formulated using a flexible thermally loaded material. This allows component placement using standard paste and reflow techniques, the board is formed to shape after assembly giving a one piece system removing the need for interconnecting wires.

This enables the LED lights to be directed in the optimum direction for any application, which gives a better light yield, making your application more efficient. Applications such as garage lighting, street lighting or medical lighting are ideal for formable PCB solutions.

How does it work? After manufacture and assembly the boards are able to be bent or formed using a jig system. Nearly any shape is possible, without X or Y limitations. The advised bending angle per section is up to an angle of 70°. So one is able to make a full circle of 360° in a number of sections via multiple bending, or an arch or another bent shape, without the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) being affected.

The Formable Thermal PCB solutions are made specifically for the needs of the application at hand. At DK Thermal Solutions we design the boards specifically to your needs and to your design. If needed, DK Thermal Solutions can also take care of the assembly into a complete unit for you.

DK Thermal Solutions is the leading independent manufacturer of Thermal PCBs in Europe and the US. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia and dedicated manufacturing facilities in both Europe and Asia, DK Thermal is able to deliver the right solutions, right where you want them. Whether it is for Power applications, LED applications or applications in the automotive industry, DK Thermal has experience in supplying everything from prototypes to high volumes with high yields and fast lead-times.

DK Thermal Solutions specialises in the design and production of thermally effective PCBs for the LED lighting industry. Sharing their specialist knowledge and passion for thermal management of LED products they work closely with device manufacturers and assemblers to understand the changing needs of the market.

DK Thermal Solutions offers both advice and manufacturing solutions from its facilities in the UK and China and is proud to work to the following international quality standards: IPC, ISO9000, QS9000, TS16949 as well as being UL approved. As an independent manufacturer, DK Thermal Solutions can select the best materials on the market for your application and also supply where and when you need it.

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