Nichia and Focus make the technological breakthrough

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For the first time Nichia Corporation (Japan) and leading Russian LED lighting manufacturer FOCUS, LLC has signed an exclusive agreement for application of unique LEDs with primary lens for road lighting in Russian Federation and CIS. This breakthrough makes us say that world’s leading technologies become more open for Russian consumers.

These LEDs were specially developed in accordance with the specification provided by Russian company. At the moment Nichia LEDs, developed for FOCUS, has got the most sophisticated technical parameters in terms of luminous efficiency and comfortable color temperature.

Special gel optics provides more uniform light for road illumination with type Ш Light Distribution Curve.

New luminaires deliver more stable luminous flux, which defines the longer lifetime of the LED-based systems. The new concept of road lighting dramatically increases safety and security.

According to LED measurement results it is been approved for using in outdoor lighting systems.

Russian LEDs and LED-based Systems Manufacturers Non-Profit Partnership

LEDs and LED-based Systems Manufacturers Non-Profit Partnership is the only professional association for the Russian LED industry. The Partnership’s mission is the active development of an LED production infrastructure to provide LED industry development in Russia.

The Partnership’s objectives are:
- to protect and increase participant’s effectiveness in national production, technology, science, education in LED and related areas.
- to develop markets for LED technology, both in terms of quality and quantity
- Formation of rules and regulations for Russian LED market.

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