ActiveLED retrofit brings vintage acorn fixture into 21st century

Jan. 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2011 Georgetown, Texas - Ringdale, Inc. a leader in the development of commercial-grade LED lighting fixtures, introduces a 21st century solution for "vintage" acorn style street fixtures with an energy efficient LED retrofit in 20, 26 or 38 watt versions. The U.S.-manufactured ActiveLED® Acorn Light Retrofit is an innovative, self-contained LED light engine designed to easily replace the inefficient, high-wattage light bulb assembly in almost any existing acorn style fixture, providing energy savings of 50-80 percent.Many municipalities use acorn style light fixtures for roadways, sidewalks and public spaces in historical and residential neighborhoods. Typically, these lights have large acrylic globes and cast aluminum bases that conceal 175-watt Metal Halide light bulbs needing frequent replacement. The existing acorn fixture can be retrofitted with the low-wattage ActiveLED Light and still have the same "old town" characteristics. The only noticeable difference in its appearance is a better quality of light, which helps to improve the safety value of its surroundings. Ringdale's patented LED technology also ensures a long life span of 90,000 hours (24/7 is 8,760 hours per year), lowering the bottom line when it comes to maintenance and operational costs.The ActiveLED Acorn Light Retrofit meets many municipalities' latest sustainability mandates for reducing energy usage. For applications where lower light levels would be appropriate during periods of inactivity, the retrofitted light can be interconnected with Ringdale's own intelligent controller providing automatic dimming and on/off capabilities.ActiveLED Lighting Fixtures are backed by a 10-year warranty on LED elements and five-year warranty on materials and workmanship. For more information, contact Ringdale in the United States at 512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at +44-1444-871-349.About RingdaleRingdale focuses on helping organizations incorporate green savings into their business environments. Ringdale provides ActiveLED luminaires with patented, solid-state lighting control and thermal management technology as well as a wide range of secure document output management, access control and document workflow solutions. Ringdale Inc. is based in the United States with offices in UK, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore and is part of the Network Technology PLC Group.

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