Epistar improves efficacy of warm-white light to 170 lm/W with advanced high-voltage LED technology

Jan. 13, 2011
Date Announced: 13 Jan 2011 Hsinchu, Taiwan – Epistar R&D Center (EPISTAR LAB(tm)) have successfully developed several technologies including the new transparent substrate transfer process, the fine structure for increasing photon extraction efficiency and the improvement on the current spreading uniformity. Based on these technologies, the red LED chip with efficacy of 174 lm/W at Wd of 610 nm is realized. Meanwhile, the high voltage (HV) blue LED is used for exciting a new formula of wavelength conversion material which is different from the traditional composition. As a result, the warm-white light with efficacy of 170 lm/W and CRI of 88 Ra at CCT of 2800 K is achieved. The new records Epistar announced today not only transcend its established schedule but also continue its leadership in the industry. Epistar will continue developing more advanced technologies to enhance product performance and work together with our downstream customers for promoting LED light sources to lighting market.

Rider Chang Corporate Spokesperson

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