Pixled at ISE

Date Announced: 20 Jan 2011

Leading European LED brand Pixled shows its new F-6 high resolution LED display - which now offers top level processing by Mitsubishi Electric, in addition to the standard proprietary options - at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2011 exhibition in Amsterdam.

This is the first time that Pixled's new F-6 indoor LED display product will be offered together with both processing options at a European exhibition. The F-6 will be shown prominently on stand 11F40 at ISE, which will also illustrate the strong product support and services available through its Belgium headquarters.

F-6 screen is designed for professional high-end rental & staging applications and installers looking for the best quality, and most flexible, creative LED solutions.
The Mitsubishi Electric options - which are exclusively designed for rental & staging customers - include multi standard HD and DVI with super-resolution technology, MPEG noise reduction and enhanced grey scale processing.

Pixled F-6 offers a revolutionary design with seamless curvability - in both directions - and is the brightest 6 mm surface currently on the market at 4,000 Nits.

It utilises the highest quality black package SMDs, robust and solid precision mechanics (TUV certified), as well as a full package of rental & staging accessories like hanging brackets, feet, flight cases and spares kits.

The latest Pixled exhibition booth has a clean, contemporary, eye-catching design. Two columns of Pixled's popular F-15 LED product will be flanking a central 12 square metre surface of F-6 with Mitsubishi Electric processing in a 16:9 layout. This will be showing impressive HD video footage.

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