Robe lights up Czech & Slovakia's Got Talent

Jan. 27, 2011
Date Announced: 27 Jan 2011 The Czech Republic joined forces with its close neighbour the Slovak Republic to pool resources and potential star material in their roll out of the "Got Talent" TV show, which was staged in Exhibition Hall Z of the Brno Exhibition Centre, CZ, and lit by Slovakia's top lighting designer, Martin Kubanka.Robe fixtures were again at the core of Kubanka's lighting rig - they are his moving light of choice for all types of show, and they were supplied by leading Slovakian rental company, Q-99.The Robe elements of the rig were 34 x ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 26 x ColorWash 1200E ATs, 20 x ColorSpot 250 ATs, 12 x ColorBeam 2500E ATs, 12 x REDWash 3●192s, 18 x ColorMix 575 ATs, 10 x LEDBlinder 196 LT and for the first time, 14 x ROBIN 600E Beams and 12 ColorBeam 2500E ATs.These were positioned around the upstage LED wall and scenic LED elements at the rear and to the side of the stage, overhead on the trusses and on podiums underneath the transparent floor.The ROBIN 600 Beams and ColorBeam 2500s were used for bright, punchy narrow beam effects, and they proved perfect for cutting through the intensity of the myriad of LED surfaces onstage. They were also used for strobing and gobo effects.Kubanka thinks they are "Amazing", and was particularly impressed with the high output of both types of Beam, "So many moving lights get lost when there are bright LED sources onstage, but that has never been the case with any of the Robe products". He adds that he finds the ROBIN 600 Beam and the ColorBeam 2500 truly "versatile" units with precise zoom and focus features, and will definitely be using them again in his future work!As for all the other Robes - they were used for lighting the stage and performers, as well as producing stunning effects on camera and for the live audience. As always, one of the challenges with a show like this was to have a lighting rig flexible enough to offer each of the competitors a unique and different look for their section of the show. Another key requirement was to ensure that each week the lighting looked different and constantly evolving and changing.The REDWashes came in useful for bathing the stage and set with rich and dense colours. They are renowned for their accurate reproduction across the spectrum and for being able to produce fabulously genuine pastels as well as a 'real' white.The ColorBeam 2500s provided powerful beams traversing all areas of the performance space including the judges panel at the front of the stage, and were clearly visible cutting through the LED. Commenting generally on the Robe brand, Kubanka says he thinks it's "The best" range of moving lights currently available, and also that the service and support is excellent. He likes Robe's engineering quality and their attention to detail in developing functions like smooth colour mixing and dimming. In addition to the Robes, there was also a substantial quantity of generics, white lights and LED fixtures on the rig, along with LED panels used for video, all of which was controlled by 2 grandMA full size consoles, one running 2 x VPUs feeding video content to the LED surfaces. The desks were operated by Michal Schmidt and Tomas Leckŷ, both regulars of Kubanka's FOH visuals team.The "CZ-SK Got Talent" series was broadcast live on primetime Sunday night TV in both countries - on TV Prima (CZ) and TV JOJ (SK) - proving a massive success and drawing impressive ratings.The winning act was duo "Dae Man" (Zdenek Moravec and Petr Horníček) a power acrobatics team, who WOWED the judges and the live audiences with a unique blend of entertainment and circus skills.Kubanka thinks that international co-operation on major television productions like this will continue to grow in popularity, saying it's a very dynamic way to work. His next big TV project will be the 2011 Miss Universe SR (Slovak Republic) and the next series of Czech & Slovakia's Got Talent for which he will again be using large Robe rigs.

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