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Jan. 31, 2011
Date Announced: 31 Jan 2011 Dallas – Today, Genesis LED Solutions (GLS), a leading US-based manufacturer of LED conversion modules and luminaires, announced the launch of nine SpaceLite™ products which were officially approved to use the DOE’s Lighting Facts (LF) label – a certification process developed by the US Department of Energy’s Solid-State Lighting Quality Advocacy Program. Lighting Facts labels identifies Solid-State Lighting (SSL) manufacturers’ commitment to product evaluation and to reporting accurate and consistent product performance. The label confirms GLS’ product performance results from IESNA LM-79 test reports in five areas – lumens, efficacy (lumens per watt), watts, correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). Lighting Facts provides lighting designers, specifiers, and other decision makers with essential information for evaluating SSL products, which assist them in choosing best options for replacement of traditional fluorescent lighting with easy-to-install LED conversion modules. “We are pleased to have ten of our SpaceLite™ products receive Lighting Facts certification. Third-party certification further demonstrates our commitment to quality. The Lighting Facts label authenticates our products’ performance,” said GLS Senior Vice President, Daniel Nichter. “Our goal is to offer SSL solutions that make it easy for customers to make the switch to LED lighting. The DOE’s Lighting Facts label gives decision makers the facts about SSL performance,” he concluded.“Lighting Facts state key performance metrics of LED lighting fixtures like Nutrition Facts give the calories in a protein bar - the DOE certifies through ‘Lighting Facts’ our products’ performance. Customers and specifiers can now make purchasing decisions confidently,” stated Genesis LED Solutions’ CEO, Paul Chintapalli. “In the near future, the presence of Lighting Facts labels will hinder sub-standard products from entering the growing LED lighting market.” GLS’ LED conversion modules fit easily into existing fluorescent fixtures making the conversion from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED-based lighting a seamless process. Installation of a GLS module is as simple as removing the bulbs and end-caps from a fluorescent troffer (leaving the wiring intact) and attaching a GLS LED module to existing wiring and troffer. This conversion from high-wattage fluorescent lighting to low-wattage LED lighting is as seamless as changing the bulb! For more information on the DOE’s Solid-State Lighting Quality Advocacy program – Lighting Facts or to view a list Genesis LED Solutions’ certified products go to http://www.lightingfacts.com/default.aspx?cp=content/productsAbout Genesis LED Solutions:Genesis LED Solutions (GLS) is a leading U.S. manufacturer of energy efficient Solid-State Lighting systems – surfaced-mounted, suspension, and recessed troffer models suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. GLS’ patented LED retrofit conversion modules and luminaires replace fluorescent lighting. Robust engineering design, strong quality and affordable prices are hallmarks of GLS product offerings. Headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, GLS assembly facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified with over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. Our facilities and distribution centers work 24/7 to ensure prompt delivery of product to our customers.

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