RentAlite announces a more powerful Premium Power LED

Jan. 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 Jan 2011 Rentalite is happy to announce that they will add another Premium Power LED to its product line for parking garage lighting. Rentalite’s R&D department has developed a double Premium Power LED fixture which has twice the output of the original 5 foot Premium Power LED this 60 Watt Premium Power LED generates a lumen output of 5,000 lumens and is specially designed for parking garages that require lots of light. An additional feature of the Premium Power LED Plus is that it is dimmable to 30 Watts. Where the original 5 foot Premium Power LED replaces a double T8 fixture and saves more than 60%, the new PPL will be able to directly replace T12, Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium lights with average savings over 60%. With a similar and often better light display inside parking garages.

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