Frontline LED releases first universal emergency backup for LED lighting

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Frontline LED, Ireland's leading developer of LED lighting products for commercial and industrial use, today released the first universal emergency backup unit for LED lights.

The FL-ECK20 is designed to meet EU standards for emergency lighting by allowing all LED luminaires under 20w to run for 3 hours on an emergency backup supply provided by our exclusive conversion kit.

Installation of the FL-ECK20 is simple as with conventional emergency conversion kits. In the event of a loss of power to the mains electricity, any LED luminaires connected to the FL-ECK20 will run for a minimum of 3 hours at 100% lumen output.

The units are fully tested and compatible with Frontline LED's range of downlights, spotlights, tubes and other luminaires. The FL-ECK20 is the world's only dedicated universal LED emergency conversion kit. It is currently available from Frontline LED and our distributors Medlock Wholesalers.

The unit is compatible with any LED luminaire which consumes less than 20w irrespective of the SMPS and LED packages required by the luminaires.

The Frontline FL-ECK20 comes enclosed in a standard casing with gland input and outputs. There is an indicator LED to provide signal test and a self-test button to allow for quick and easy maintenance checks in keeping with EU standards.

With the release of the FL-ECK20, Frontline LED are once again leading the adoption of LED lighting in standard commercial and industrial facilities where considerations such as lux performance, emergency compatibility and the look of the light are vital.

The FL-ECK20 is designed and built for LED and will provide peace of mind to customers who expect the highest standards from their lighting. It also reduces expenditure on LED retro-fits by eliminating the need to purchase additional lighting in an emergency capacity. By allowing downlights or spotlamps to double as emergency - as in an installation of standard lighting - the FL-ECK20 reduces the barriers to adoption and the cost of LED retro-fits.

For more information on Frontline LED or to inquire about the FL-ECK20 visit

Cian O'Flaherty Managing Director of Frontline LED +353-1-4433812


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