Appalachian Lighting Systems,Inc. announces a 1000 watt metal halide LED replacement fixture

Jan. 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 Jan 2011 Ellwood City, Pa. - Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc announces their new ALLED™ HB6, 357-watt, LED High Bay fixture that replaces a traditional, 1000-watt Metal Halide high bay fixture.In what may be the first in the LED Industry, Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. (ALSI) has developed an LED, 357-watt high bay fixture capable of providing the equivalent amount of light to the working surface as a traditional 1000-watt Metal Halide high bay fixture. Additionally, ALSI’s ALLED™ HB6 is fully programmable to operate at varying light output levels, utilizing ALSI’s wireless ALLink™ technology.“The HB6, which has been in the design and testing stages for several months, has performed above the expectations for which it was engineered. We have integrated into this world-class solid state luminaire numerous patents and patents pending from our research conducted over the past 5 years”, stated Dave McAnally, President of ALSI.“ALSI knew that successfully replacing a 1000-watt high bay fixture with a solid state fixture would require careful integration of power, thermals, and optics to maximize light levels at the working surface, yet also allow for a very long and maintenance free useful life. The ALLED™ HB6 will do all of this and also offer our customers tremendous energy savings of 75 to 90 percent over existing solutions, and yield a very significant return on their investment.”Based on real-world tests that were performed and documented by an independent third party industrial lighting consultancy, and utilizing LM-80 test data on the current-generation Cree XLamp® XP-G lighting class LEDs, the estimated L70 chip lifetime for the ALLED™ HB6 is greater than 190,000 hours. Therefore, the lifespan of these lights running twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, is expected to exceed 20 years.Jim Wassel the Chief Science Officer for ALSI stated “we knew our engineering design for this luminaire was very good, and are quite pleased with these results.”The new HB6 is also integrated with ALSI’s ALLink™ Digital Wireless Control System. The ALLink™ system allows wireless control and monitoring of each individual fixture through fully addressable Internet Protocol (IP) chips in each fixture. This allows the end user to manage the light output of each fixture to desired light levels. This can be done either manually, utilizing a hand held controller, or can be integrated into a building management system for fully automated control. This will allow a facility utilizing the HB6 and ALLink™ system to have flexible and unlimited control over light levels in all areas, and yield even further energy savings of as much as 90 percent through such energy management.Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. is a U.S. luminaire manufacturer with headquarters in Ellwood City, PA. They are proud to be an Energy Star Partner and part of the Department of Energy’s SolidState Lighting Advocates Program. They offer a full range of solid state lighting fixtures for parking garages, street lighting, parking lots, and industrial and warehouse applications.ALSI is pleased to be on the forefront of applying its innovative technology to the solid state lighting industry, an industry that will redefine how the world looks at lighting. For more information on Appalachian Lighting’s ALLED™ HB6 or any of their other SSL products, please visit or call Robert Stone at 412-585-6220.

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