Wavelength Electronics unveils RHM5K-CH precision unipolar temperature controller

Jan. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Jan 2011 Small, Simple, Low Cost PID Control with < 0.003ºC StabilityThe RHM5K-CH can be used to achieve precision control at off-ambient temperatures. The PID control loop drives resistive heaters or thermoelectric coolers. The RHM offers a high level of stability and can supply up to 5 A with a small footprint. On-board 12-turn trimpots control temperature setpoint, proportional gain, and output voltage limit. A single 10-pin terminal strip provides easy access to the DC supply, sensor, resistive heater, and measurement connections. The RHM features:• Compact, 5 A Drive Current• Single Supply Operation +5 V to +30 V• < 0.003 °C stability (24-hour)• Voltage Limit• > +27 V compliance with +30 V input• Supports Thermistors, IC sensors or RTDs• PID Control Loop• Temperature Setpoint, Proportional Gain, and Limit Voltage are user adjustable• Easy operation for resistive heater or thermoelectricThe RHM5K-CH is suited for applications where heating or cooling (not both) is required. This product is ideal for applications where temperature stability is critical and space is tight, such as heated optics (non-condensing circumstances), CCDs, preheated liquids and chamber stabilization.Wavelength Electronics has simplified advanced laser diode drive and thermal control technology for OEM and research applications since 1993. Our high performance specifications are supported by a team of experienced sales and design engineers and a top-notch manufacturing facility. Evaluation quantities are typically available from stock. To learn more about the RHM5K-CH Precision Unipolar Temperature Controller and Wavelength's complete line of high precision, low-noise, ultra-stable laser diode drivers and temperature controllers, call 406-587-4910, email [email protected] or visit our website, www.teamWavelength.com.

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